Must Read: House Of Lust (18+)… Part 23

A Story Written By Jeus… 
“Good Morning, It’s  8am, You are welcome to Morning News,these are the headlines , Governor Rauf Rahman involved in the China Debt scandal……………”. The Broadcaster said in the news. After I heard of Jola’s engagement with Stephanie, I released the news and in a short period of time, it had circulated, Criticism had come in, the commissioner of finance was vindicated, she contributed to the criticism. It was so bad for the Governor, I know this because I got about 20 missed calls from him when I woke up. I was making light work of him, and it’s just the start, Tech gave me other things to counter him with. It’s nice to be served from tour own plate.

Tech brought breakfast to bed, I ate quickly because I had little time, I was supposed to start campaigning today. I had called my mum to tell her about my nomination, she was so happy, she told me she felt something great was about to happen after her 40 days fasting. If only it was the fasting that was working.  I got to my office ten minutes early and put through a call to Jumoke and asked her if she would like to be my personal assistant. She agreed, promising to resign that morning and to resume the next day. I needed her, she would still have informants in Jola’s camp, As for the Governor, he is the least to worry about.

I got some great recommendations from the press, I had been great with them, maybe they felt they had to return the favour. Payback, it feels good when you know the person at the receiving end was feeling the pain. The Governor wanted an appointment with me, I didn’t understand why he thinks he can still order me around. I’d answer the call and feign like he was talking to my assistant, telling him I would book an appointment. Power, it’s important. I didn’t get any call from Jola though, maybe he was so drowned in his marriage preparations or he still feels I pose no threat to him. I had sinned the Governor’s boat, If he ever survives this, i’d drop my nomination. A call from tech came in, he told me to come outside the office so he could drive me to one of my many interviews.

It was unbelievable what I saw when I got outside the office, Tech got me a car. What a darling, guess he was tired of driving me and I’d miss his company, I hugged him and promised him a great night. All of sudden, things were going fine, I drove the Range rover to the interview, Yes he got me a range rover 2015, he should have worked on this for days because all registrations had been done. 

My interview went well and my night was swell. Tech, you know.

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 10, 2017 — 8:33 pm

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