Must Read: House Of Lust (18+)… Part 24

A Story Written By Jeus… 

Two months to go to the Elections, I had done a lot of work, the party supported me a lot, I had never gotten so much support all my life. My campaign Slogan’s Reviving Mushin, I promised them infrastructure, Support to the women and the girl child, and reducing theft and other vices. Jola was ahead of me because he knew a lot of people that knew people that knew people. I had people like that on my ship, but the Governor debt scandal was staining Jola’s campaign, Alhaji Rauf Rahman was sinking down like the titanic and he didn’t have anything to say. No press secretary to release reports countering others. The people of Mushin lobed me, they loved the fact that I was young, intelligent, and beautiful. 

I paid a famous fashion magazine to make me their cover, Tech’s money of course. I looked elegant and the caption ” Beyonce’s Face, Nicki Minaj’s Body, Hillary Clinton’s Brain”. It sold copies like never before. They got it right, I was that beautiful, if not beautiful than Beyonce, and my body abeg,i was Sekxy. My press team had many strategies, I was proving to be hard to beat because of my eloquence in public and also my consistency in my message. Tech and I, attended multiple events, the latest hot couple the bloggers always wanted to write about. Everything was going well,everything.

Tech’s father requested to see us, you guessed right. He wanted us to get married, and we hadn’t even planned for that at all. He wanted the best for his son, and why not a senator? If he only knew, the silver lining he wanted in his son’s life was nothing but a smokescreen. We got to the family house (Mr & Mrs Makanjuola,Tech parents)  located in Victoria Island, His parents were sitting at a shade outside the house, chilling with a pack of juice and fried chicken, they waved at us, prompting us to move to that section. I wondered if it was my house, My mum would make sure the interior of our home be squeaky clean for them, we wouldn’t even dream of meeting outside.

“Ha, So this is the Whitney, I admire the concept of your campaign “. His mum said,not entirely thrilled. I knelt down and greeted her irrespective of her mood and moved to his father and dud the same. He was actually more welcoming.

“So why’d you chose to become senator, what inspired your decision”, His dad asked. I took a deep breath, and started talking like I had memorised everything before I came. By the time I was done, he was smiling, he liked me. I could tell. His mum picked up a newspaper and started reading, pretty much all the time, the conversation was between myself, Tech and his father. His mother only contributing whenever tech calls her attention,but one moment,she spoke up. Tech father had just asked If our relationship was leading to marriage pretty soon, she didn’t even allow me answer before shouting ;

“Haha, Gbolahan, don’t rush this kids, marriage this early, Tech still has a lot to think about”. She said. His father didn’t reply, expecting tech to talk. And he didn’t disappoint. 

“Mum, when the time for marriage comes, we’ll come to you, and it wouldn’t be early, I am 28 already “He said, placing his hands on my shoulder. I felt protected from his mother, from then on. 

We left his family house later that evening, his father contributing financially to my campaign. Tech maybe felt shy to talk about marriage with me,after the incidence with his mom. I knew i’d say yes, if he asks. It’s better not to rush it though. I have got a campaign to think about.

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 10, 2017 — 8:37 pm

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