Must Read: House Of Lust (18+)… Part 9

A Story Written By Jeus… 
I ran down to Jumoke’s cubicle, as fast as I could. I knew she’d be very angry with me but a gossip will always forgive, just promise him/her your audience. She was making a call when I hit there, so I just sat at her spare seat.

“Hehen, what are you looking for now or you want to chase me from my cubicle too”. She snapped. I started to plead, telling her I was in a bad mood and that my family was not in a good situation, I had to come up with a lie.

After a long while of begging, she accepted my plea. She stood up, looked around to see if nobody was closing on us and to ensure everyone was working. As soon as she did that, She sat down and shifted her seat towards me.

“They say the reason Jola is nominating Stephanie is because He’s prolly dating her low key, remember, he awarded her staff of the month for two consecutive months and she didn’t even work up to me”.

I didn’t even listen as she went on and on, I had gotten what I wanted. Jola had been banging me for FREE, I thought we were more than Friends with Benefits, that we had something special. Stephanie didn’t even care a penny about him, and there he is, spoiling all of our plans for a Birch. 

NO! He doesn’t think like a Politician, he can’t be a senator, he won’t even be a senator.

“Whitney, Are you even listening? ” She said snapping her fingers to get my attention. 

I stood up, apologised and told her I had to work on the debt crisis news. I got into my office with thoughts of revenge. I had to inform Alhaji

To Be Continued… 

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