Written By Jeus… 
The rain just got heavy, and my moans were getting louder, I really didn’t care since no one would hear me, I guess though. Alhaji Rauf Rahman is the Governor of Lagos State, He was a lawyer (SAN to be precise).  He was born into a wealthy home so money really wasn’t a problem for him, he gets what he wants whenever he wants it. He wanted to be Senator, he got a seat in the Senate. He wanted to be Deputy Governor, his party afforded him the spot, when he thought of being governor, they persuaded the main runner, Dr. Peter Abidigun, to step down and Now, He’s Governor. He wanted me, well he is banging my brains out now,but did he get me?

Me? Sorry, Pardon my manners, I didn’t tell you my name, I am Whitney Saliu-Johnson, Just call me Whitney, I was born a nobody, I studied Social Work in the University Of Lagos and am presently the press secretary for the Governor’s Office. Press Secretary? I am still a nobody. 

Oh, Alhaji Bang me……oh…….Bleep my brains out…..Oh lawd….; I moaned and moaned, I just wanted him to Pour, He wasn’t good in bed at all, Given his 3 inch Joystick. I just wanted him thinking with his Joystick.
He wouldn’t Pour though, He must have taken viagra, I knew the best way to get him, I got him to pull his erect Joystick out and then I allowed him lay on the bed, and then after some soft Mouth Action that got him looking like a 3rd class civilian. I slid his Joystick into my wet Well, I worked my Buttocks up and down with the speed of lightening, and my Bosom were filled in his face, He was sucking like a puppy who Was hungry for some milk.  

He wouldn’t still Pour, I stopped moving fast, started moving slow and whining my waist like I was dancing to some R-Kelly Blues with my Bosom still in his face. He cummed. I laid on the bed, tired but not satisfied. Now I had to play my card.

To Be Continued… 

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