Must Read: How A Girl”s Visit To My Room Changed My Life… Part 26


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… If you missed part Twenty Four, read it HERE!!!

” Whats that ” She asked as she got up from the bed..
” No oo ” Dont mind …Must be d other compound ‘..I   said as i moved closer to her to penetrate.

” No wait …..That noise is increasing oo ” She said .

“madam ,i said he is not at home”
” Haa Barca,let me Check now!why are u Behaving like this ..
” Madam …I no fit lie u ..

She dipped her hand into her bag and handed  2 
thousand naira to him.

” Madam…but
” Just take..Take.. Shebi i will just check

” But madam.. haa madam..he said as he collected the money….Madam be Careful oo..oh madam naa”

‘ Madam .be careful oo ..Madam… ehh .. ..yet he didnt stop her from moving forward as he pocketed d money in his pocket.

…That voice belongs to nobody else but Madam Akorowem??  Barcanista had betrayed my trust..Despite helping me with the Gen and fuel, He still betrayed me cos of 2 thoussnd.. i told him to specifically ensure no one comes in to see me.

Barcanista was her boy,give him some money and he will start singing your name like a bird.

What d Fork is Mrs Akorowem doing at my place around 10 40pm in d night ..Is this Old Cargo dat Horny ??  what d Fork ?? .. How d Fork did she get pass d Vigilante at this time of d night.. ??

” What is happening ” ichinbong jumped up scared,.. She rushed and picked up her pants and Skirt..

Wait naw “””.. God which  king thing be dis  . Again….
I had just innocently described my address for this Bytch during one of our S£x chats back then .Never knew she could still have that  address or even go to d extent of tracing me home especially at dis time of d night..10 30 pm ??

I was confused and Scared at the same time…My preek witnessed an  immediate economic depression as it shrunk back to its natural state.

. As the Devil will have,my brain no even go near say make i lock door.. At least if she knock knock knock, by d time wey morning reach,she go leave or pata pata i go call some people on phone make dem con carry am comot. Not locking the Door was a Big mistake i made.

She busted into the house and there i was Stark Unclad and  beside me ,Ichinbong in her pant and bra.. The song ,danger by psquare was playing from d stereo in d Back ground..

” Ichinbong ” ..She asked.. ,startled on sighting the strange lady in my room.

” Aunty … …ichinbong replied..

haha.  wetin day happen..I thought to myself

” My God… mrs akorowem said as She dropped her bag…Ichinbong..was this what u were sent to do …

… He he he…Aunty…So is this how u do your business whenever u come this syd. too. oh oh ??

no wonder u no day tell anybody wen u day town ?? .Is that wat u Tell Papa chimobi wen u….

So they are related. Abi wat is all this happening.. i stood there.. looking..!!!  Baba God , what have i gotten myself into…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Aug 30, 2016 — 10:55 am

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