Must Read: How A Girl”s Visit To My Room Changed My Life… Part 27


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… If you missed part Twenty Five, read it HERE!!!

Still very much stunned ,She questioned what Ichinbong was doing in my room and sharpaly,ichinbong sef replied her why she day ask DAT kind stupid question ..

” No .. we are  just having a photo shoot ..are  u as  blind as u are daft ??

” So boo…it is because of this thing.u left me ,all alone in my hotel room,??  what did u ever want that i didnt give u ..u ungrateful bastard “” ..Mrs akorowem complained bitterly, tears beaming up in her eyes

” Eh eh …wetin be all dis  talk naa?? I no blame everybody for house sabi say u be grade 1 ashaewo ..   

boo …I trusted u ….i never wanted to give u a chance. i never knew you were dis evil…And the holy spirit warned me… 
shut up ichinbong ,you harlot before i shut it up for u ” Mrs Akorowem roared,her eyes were pure red.

”  Aunty community dog, u too shut up “..u too shut up ”
..She replied..

” Me ”
” yes you. what will u do ??

In no time ,the two began to fight….I tried my possible best to try and Seperate the two but it all proved abortive. i was still trying to wear my Trousers  and see if i could call for help outside  when  Angry mrs Akorowem ,…got her hand on  the knife  i left on d  passage floor and plunged it  suddenly ,right into Ichinbong’s Heart.
I watched as She fell to d Ground and d blood gushed all over her white bra….Her hairs flowing as her mouth gasped for breath while mrs akorowem watched on,unmoved.

Her hand placed on her chest, blood gushing out  as her eyes felt weary,she could see her life flashed through her.face .

She turned her face to me,she was trying to mutter some words but blood  was all that came out.. She kept opening her mouth….. trying to speak but it was too late.  All she  could do was mumbling .

” What have you done “..i screamed Aloud .as i watch ichinbong struggle in deep pain in her last moments on earth.. If anybody told her she would die today,she would have probably laughed it off.

” YOU MANIAC. !!!!!.. i  screamed as i approached  mummy akorowem .with my veins  all stretched and  an amazing super strength fueled by my inate anger I never felt before.

. But Rather than back down, The S£x hungry,psychopath,Mrs Akorowem Used d Knife and Made A Deep slash across my face..She was Definitely aiming for my neck but somehow i managed to evade her..

This woman was incredibly strong as i struggled to collect d Knife from her,blood dripping from the Torn flesh in my face….We struggled all around the room for like 2 minutes,.

This  woman  was  really determined to kill me  that moment.

To Be Continued…

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