Must Read: How A Girl”s Visit To My Room Changed My Life… Part 30


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… If you missed part Twenty Eight, read it HERE!!!

My mother  hustle helter skelter,left, right,center just to get some money and got  me a Good lawyer,  Barrister Andyblaze  ( ESQ)  as my counsel and the case kicked off officially.

. ..Kudos to my Mother..May God bless her and every other mother out there like her. Despite warning me seriously that night, sending me open heavens every morning on whatsapp and counselling me.

Struggling to get me the best no matter what even when she never got a single thing for her,even when she had to do dehumanizing things,even though it wasnt easy for her and she was constantly praying and warning me to keep off bad company but i didn’t  listen to her and discarded her ” Old school advice ” thus bringing shame and a disfigured face back to compensate her for all her efforts.

. My mother  still showed a great deal of support and care ,i never imagined i could get from her. ..She was like a Jesus beside me.. ..She was my strength.. infact she was a god to me. 

My love of God and admiration for her got deeper during this trying time.

I could not but weep when i saw Mrs Akorowem three young kids,The Oldest was just 14….I felt immense guilt and pain anytime i heard news about those kids..How i wish i could reach out to them. and tell them  that it wasn’t my fault. i never planned to hurt their mother and That i am now a changed person..

I hope they dont know the circumstances behind their mother’s death and if they know,i hope day forgive..Because it is now that she is gone, they will truely know her value.

To Be Continued…

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