Must Read: How A Girl”s Visit To My Room Changed My Life… Part 32


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… If you missed part Thirty, read it HERE!!!



Joke134, came and did Same .She affirmed that i was very capable of such
as I was a very chronic drug addict and could have been high that day.

.Evegran  even accused me of Molest and planning to kill her like that if not that God saved her.She affirmed that i am d killer and that day should make my execution as fast as possible.


. Even my gateman ,TonyeBarcanista.that i had hope in that he will defend me, told the court that he was not sure and couldnt really say whether i did it or he was not in the room with us.He left without saying anything more.


” The Whole Case took a New Twist when my phone ,which i was using to record the steamy romance that i thought who lead to S£x between me and inchinbong was brought to the court..

I had initially plan to video the act but the red disco light in the room did not beam enough light to capture our faces so i decided i was going to make her call my name and say some other naughty  stuffs that would make anybody know it was her, thus i put d phone on record.

I had left the Record button on when i threatened mrs akorowem ” Bytch i will kill u …” and stabbed her in the belly.

At this moment,not even the Lawyer  ,Barrister AndyBlaze who had been arguing d Case for me as Self Defense could  not do much

. That was my voice on the phone threatening to kill mrs akorowem and her groans of pain at d throne of death can clearly be heard in the recording…

To Be Continued…

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