Must Read: How A Girl”s Visit To My Room Changed My Life… Part 33


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… If you missed part Thirty Two, read it HERE!!!

I lost d 40k bet.i lost 250 thousand naira plus d Gifts ,clothes and shoes Found in mrs akorowem car which obviously she was bringing for me

I lost my  fine boy face as even if it did heal up,d deep scar would still be visible, i lost four of my closest and most trusted friends,i lost my gateman,i lost my home ,i lost my education, my chances of ever getting Kittycat again ,marry or  even give birth.

Greatest of all ,what even caused all dis trouble in d first place, I lost inchinbong’s Kittycat ..i could care less about her death if i had Forked her already before the Devil came.

I Laid in the accused box.All hope lost,weak from d  beatings and extreme torture from d police officers while in detention,broken by the severe pain  and bleeding in my asshole after several assaults in my short time in d prison by numerous horny prison mates,shattered by d betrayal of friends and most trusted associates  and haunted by the deeds of my turbulent past.

, I looked back to see the Face of my anxious  and scared Beautiful Mother, as the Judge,gathered his papers to announce d Final judgement after enough time of investigation and argument..

”  After the various arguments by the counsels and the evidence and witnesses  brought to the notice of the court which all have been properly examined  and checked to follow constitutional procedures in  fairness,equity and good justice ,this is my judgment,


.It does not matter whether i go to prison..It does not matter when i am released to go free..Neither does it matter whether i am going to be killed..None of these will transform me.The real lessons God wanted me to learn i have learned..I have learnt not to trust.i have learned to desist from a wayward life and most inportantly,i have learnt that no matter what.God is in Control..

.I have leant my lessons and the purpose of what i went through as been served

I could only think of  one thing as the Judge readied  his paper and was about to pronounce my fate ..NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS”,GOD IS IN CONTROL .


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