A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

30 mins to exam , the answers arrived.. english , maths, physics, chemistry.. i quickly dubbed everything in a shorthand code i  personally developed called :’” rexcalligren“.. i rolled it in a tiny piece of paper and hid it inside my corner teeth..

The security people were most especially fixed on me as if i was a criminal .. they searched and socks, sandal, chain, shirt.. they even took me inside to check my boxers and everything…

Clean.. at last… i dont know why they had to screen only me thoroughly like that ..even if na jack bauer dey here, he no fit catch me,.. Shior

With nothing but pap in my stomach, i proceeded to the exam hall.

The invigilator was fierce looking and warned about cheating, copying ..bla bla bla…

If u are is 21 years .. he repeated ..
Your father.. i thought to myself ….i go do this one naa.

And so the exam started.. ..

I prayed and settled down a bit..

To Be Continued…

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