A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

I brought out the one containing English and physics.. i started shading systematically. Shade  small, like am thinking and then continue..

Squeeze face small , write small , do like say i dey think.. continue shading..

Omo this is the life..

After shading the first two rapidly, within 30 mins i was through.. Next, i searched for the maths and for the physics answer stuff. I couldn’t find it. Haha .. why this .. i searched and searched  .my pocket, boxers, socks…. this was even the one i needed most nke.

I could not hold back the sweat. The thing must have fallen down somehow  while  those fools were searching.. i hope they dont find it later sha.

Well i had no choice.. i used the small knowledge i had in physics to manipulate the physics question and did the best i could .. mostly , a b b a c d dc .. ..

However, the maths.. i could not afford to do same, that will make two subjects i answered by guessing.. i tried to see if i could attempt any of the question.. omo , na lie oo.. from Pythagoras theorem, to mode, to mean , to longitude and latitude to sets, everything was a “blank” back to back…

I kept biting my lips ,sweating. The person by my side was a girl ..she don dey behave somehow since she saw pull out the “orinjo”  wey i dey write ,so my ego  no fit  allow me ask am. As time was going, i had no choice than quickly use reflex action  to look the bro wey dey my front. He was shading rapidly and sweating.

To Be Continued…

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