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Bro…….bro..   my guy dey initially form deaf..

Bro bro..

He still kept shading.

Not until i tapped him ..Bro bro abeg,,
He then hummed.

Thanks boss.. The one you are answering.. na maths abi.. i asked carefully  almost whispering as the hungry looking civil defense roamed around like wounded lions. It was as if they had not been paid their salary.if you look back, you go fill form.. your biro fall, u wan pick am , u write exam finish be that.

Na maths abi..
Humm humm.. he nodded in the affirmative..
Bro abeg help me shift am small, make i see chance copy am..
He obliged and did so.

Without wasting any further time,  i  started shading. Chai, this guy good gan oo.. one question no dey take am pass 1 mins. I felt fulfilled and happy as i shaded it all. Thank God oo.if to say na girl con dey my front too nkor or one olodo wey no sabi anything ??

Well even if the choko fail. God will make a way.  I sang the song , he is a miracle working God  quietly in my mind.i sat back and saw people biting their lips, sweating profusely, looking at the ceiling as if say na dere answer dey. Me i just dey smile.

Read una no go read , be smart , una no go smart.

I bowed my head and prayed to God for the successful exam especially the troublesome maths .

Not until the invigilator came and shouted, 4 mins more…..

Shior, if una like make una talk say 2 seconds more, me i don finish this one naa. ;D

To Be Continued…

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