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4 mins more…….

.It was this time that i noticed the guy in my front  was just writing his offered subjects on the answer booklet since the exam started. The mumu guy no gree no write am since sef.

English ..yes.. government.. hmmmn hmmn ,  literature….. 

I got the shock of my life when he wrote the last subject …

It seemed like i saw something like commerce.

Are my eyes deceiving me..
i checked again .. COMMERCE.

Bro . bro.  I was almost shouting as i called him

Bro  u said you are shading maths,  u said maths…  I said in a trembling  voice .
This time., he looked back  and said 

maths ???

My God, i said maths now..

Hey what is happening there ..


Oya two of you come and submit, the exam kuku don  finish..rascals..  i have  been looking at you two since.Oya, submit b4  i tear your script..  The invigilator roared as he angrily snapped our scripts off our hands.

We submitted and left the venue..
I challenged the unfortunate fellow who gave me the  wrong answer..

“You know i was focused and not concentrating on you or any other thing…  i thought u said commerce ..u said the maths like commerce “ He said without  showing an iota of emotion or compassion.

To Be Continued…

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