Must Read: How Jamb Jammed Me Out ( My Jamb Experience )… Part 7


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

sorry  oh “ he said and  left. 🙁
He was much older and stong, if not. :-[. God knows i could have killed him that day. There was nothing i could do to him as he walked away to buy gala and lacasera to chill off. :'(

chai ..I bit my lips.. well in everything, Give Thanks.. At least , i have english and chemistry , i pray God help me in those ones.  😀

I was still ruminating on this when i started hearing discussions that the exam came with a unique  type..
type..  ??
which one be  type again.. ??

On further research , i discovered that the questions were rearranged  according to four  designated types     –  red , blue, black and green.  ..

What the Fork ?? .. i checked my answer booklet  to find  the types i was alloted.

English  na green, physics  na black..   .. .. .. My heart was beating fast as i rushed to check my phone for the answers sent..probably dem put type too .. what if dem no put am ?? hah.. they had better put it ni o..

By the time i checked … it was boldly written in Capital letters beneath the answers  .. english type Red…. physics type Red..

I could see the girl i acquainted staring at me, smiling from the other opposite hall..

By this time, the thought of the girl had dissapeared from my mind… hah.. it is finished for me ke. patapaata.. there is no more hope..

I couldnt resist placing my hand on my head as hot tears formed in my eyes when i realised my folly.

Who forget this paper here .. i could heard the voice from inside the exam hall i just left..

I checked my pocket.. it was then i realized that even the English and physics choko i used, i had careless left it on the table after i submitted ..

I said who left this paper here.. the invigilator shouted again.

It was the boy in the jersey…  a girl voiced was my mumu seat partner.
That one that just left now ..he asked ..

Ehn , i knew it.. where is he ?? ..

Before he could do shian, i had taken to my heels and dissapeared leaving behind the chick i should have paroled .In the rush rush, i lost my phone and 300 naira .. i had to trek home, half alive , half dead .

To Be Continued…

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