A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

How was it ?? my father immediately i entered..

It was fine  sir .. i said  as i quickly devoured the eba and three days old ewedu soup with ponmo , my sister cooked down for me . 🙁

It had better be fine ?? .. He replied with all seriousness.

And when the result came out.. It was like my paper type.. RED .. RED.. I Had 69 as my overall score …

And  truly as my father stated , that was indeed the last jamb i ever did  as i was not fortunate to meet with the CBT model.

Thus, It is with immense joy that i invite all to my freedom ceremony ..  i am happy to inform u all that i am a proud electrical  Pour mechanical engineer from ogoku and sons electrical wiring international limited. For all wiring and electrical issues, am the one to be called upon..

Probably am going to apply for jamb later …. probably in the next world.

Till then , i need to go and gather the 24 thousand oga said we go use do freedom.


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