Must Read: IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)… Part 3

The drive to the hotel was beutiful and crazy
as well. We would sing along,laugh,shout
and do some naughty dance step. I was not
a stranger at our hotel neither do i frequent
the place. The name was ‘A.J paradise’ it was
very big with different kind of sections. It
was a little difficult to get a place to park on
time but we finally did. After securing a
parking space, khole said she wanted to
make a phone call before joining me in the
hotel. I gussed she wanted to call her lover
since she was been too secretive about the
call. I teased her and told her to let me know
my brother inlaw on time before it would be
too late. She eventually pushed me out of the
car and i walked toward the hotel alone. On
my way to the hotel my mom called and she
was asking so many questions about our
safety. I was still on the phone with mom
when khole called my name,i turned back
and ended the call with mom,khole was
shouting something not audible enough for
me to hear. I was still taking backward steps
toward the hotel entrance, and asking khole
to speak louder since i couldn’t hear her. I
took one more step when my feet stepped
on something hard and my back hitted
something as well,or was it someone?
“There is no rock here is there?and
according to my calculation am yet to get to
the hotel entrance”. I thought. I was still
thinking when The lovly saint of the
perfume filled my nostrils and this made me
realise i bumped into someone not
something. Khole made an OMG expression
and i hurriedly turned back. I looked up to
the unknown and saw a frown on the
handsome face,he had a good height but
not really taller than I was (ok thats a white
lie he is way taller). He had a not so fair skin
and not dark as well (chocolate) and with is
body structure he sure frequent the gym. I
was so lost in thought that i forgot i was
supppse to apologise,his words brought me
back to reality. “Hello Girl?”, he said. I was’nt
happy he called me a girl and am so not
hidding that. He continued ‘ you should be
careful next time, see what u’ve done to my
foot wear,how could you be walking
backward in a public place like this? Is it ur
first time here?” he asked angrily. “Wait a
minute who does he thinks he is? me? Girl?
And is this my first time in my family hotel?
Oh he thinks am poor?” All this thought was
going on in my head, i did not realise i was
yet to respond until he waved into my face
and said “Hy girl,are you not suppose to
apologise?” like seriously this guy sure has a
degree in making people angry. I looked up
at him and said ” hey Boy am sorry if i
stained ur darling foot wear, but next time
dnt u dare call me a girl, Jeez! Everybody
deserves some respect, plus this is not my
first time here,learn not to judge quickly” i
yelled at him and wrapped my hand on my
chest. He romoved his sun glasses and said
“its obvious ur parent did not teach you
some manners,what are u? A spoilt rich
kid??” i was about opening my mouth to
give him the right tongue lashing when
khole interrupted. She quickly apologised
and dragged me away with her,i was so
furious, i turned back to look at him and he
was still standing there with a wicked smile,i
gave him the middle finger and he put his
tongue out and shook his head.
********************** “Khole will so
regret interrupting me today,i would have
taught that rude boy a lesson!” i shouted in
my head.

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Updated: Sep 12, 2017 — 10:29 pm

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