Must Read: Jide!!! …. Part 69

A story written by Dexpendable… If you missed part Sixty Eight yesterday read it HERE!!!

Today, I write from C Max maximum prison Pretoria.
I was sentenced to life, with the possibility of parole, after 20years for manslaughter.

My name is Jide, and this is my story.


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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 7:13 am

The Author

Tosin SilverDam

Tosin Silver Dam, a mass communication graduate/BSc Holder, actor, ex publisher, publicist, writer and I rock things a lot #majah Email:, whatsapp: 08080664675, BBM: 5C350257


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  1. Dis rili a sad story….though i enjoyed it

  2. U tried a lot, I will be expecting d season 2 where u will be telling us it was a nightmare, d doctor woke u up and told u shola has been discharged from d hospital, so u guys headed back to d hotel where u paid for a week. D doctor called u to check on him d next week and he told u shola won’t be dying very soon anymore if u continue making her happy….. I will be waiting for d season 2

    1. @ade…lol…ur so funny..someone jst told u a life story..ur expectin season 2…

    2. I wish it cld be @Adewale

  3. glory be to God

  4. hummmm..JUST LIKE THAT?????

  5. so na inside prison u dey take write everything, na 4 south africa or Nigeria d prison dey?

    1. pretoria is in south africa okay

    2. Na mumu na?

    3. Na mumu na?

  6. OMG was a sad story I just hope it’s not a true life story cause it’s too touching Thanks to D Writer and Tosin more grease to ur elbow

    1. is not more grease to ur elbow but moree power to ur elbow,,plss try to correct urself next time

  7. I love dis story ..mright from d very first star. Till d end …it was touching

  8. wow at last, wat a sad story neva thought it will dis way. Anyway thumbs Up.

  9. a very sad nd touching story I ave ever read,, I enjoyed d story right from d outset,, more power to ur elbow d author! Tanx tanx tanx,, hmmmm

  10. I never thought I would comment on this story but irony of this story is my names are Shola and jide and the main character is my name sake. One of the best story I ever read, thumbs up Tosin.

  11. Hmmm a heart tourching story. It really told us abt love and its conciquencies,it told us to b loyal to our partners,bcs I no, if Jide dint cheat on Shola with nolly in south africa there won’t be any problem for him,even if Shola died jide will b hurt but as time goes he will over come it,but with nolly case and how much nolly also loved him wholeheartedly make everything worse for Jide.Jide I prayer u will c God mercy.Tosin u are a darling more greese to ur elbow.

  12. nice story dnt tink z tru life story bcuz wu wil commit sucide again in 21 century bcuz of love

  13. ;'( . I did cry wen I finished. I didn’t want to comment b4 bt I had no choice. Lovely story I enjoyed it frm the beginning. Kudos

  14. Sorry shola
    Let us hook up

  15. What a touching story…more power to ur elbow…i ve already knw dat he wl end up in the prison wen shola dreamt abt it…thank u…expectin ur new story

  16. Well. it does teach one good lessons. It really a fascinating story. cause I never commented on any story i ever read on this blog. but I dnt know wat tempt me to write sometin.
    Well. A big praise to the author of this Story and the Owner of this blog.

  17. Wow….i’m so touched. I’m part of the ghost readers but can’t help on this one. Nice write up. I really hope the story isn’t real. Quite pathetic really.

  18. I feel so sorry 4 Shola…dis is a very pathetic story av ever read

  19. hmmm..what a a beautifull story tho

  20. Wht an intresting fiction! I murdered sleep until I read all the episodes. It”s full of a lot of lessons for those who read btw d lines.

  21. Hahahahaha if na life story I go say jide na born by mistake. After sending in to southafrica to study dis is the certificate he is given to his parents. And as for Nolly dat One na bastard upon all the riches his fada have en go die cus of poor boy. Mtweee

  22. Mmmhmm…what a story! I stumbled on this site and I am very impressed! Can u turn this into a movie – contact producers may be? Or make it a series?. There are many lessons in it (d 18+ can be edited). A very nice piece!

  23. it was a really sad story………i was a part of the ghost readers myself……..but after reading this story i am being forced to comment……..:just wished the authur could re-phrase the ending parts……cuz it ended with the unthinkable……i never thought a story could make me feel this way……sad mood……..aniways praises to the authur and thanks Tosin for bringing this to us………

    When will bimpe the facebook girl be fully updated???

  24. hmmmmm, wht a tragedy story

  25. waow…DEPRESSING…but a good one though.

  26. A very nyce nd touchn story…its nt abt getn into a relationship bt knwn d meanin of every step u tke. Kudos 2 d writa

  27. it was a sad story… I enjoyed it right from the beginning to the end!!! I have never felt how I felt after reading a story before… in fact it was an emotional, educative and motivation story….. can’t get rid of thinking about it….

  28. interesting story…NYC one

  29. Worth crying for. Keep it up

  30. This is really sad…..keep it up, I love the story ..

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