A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic…

Doris dressed in night gown, goes to and fro the kitchen and dining table setting breakfast. Husband appears, wearing Office clothes and carrying suitcase.
Charles: Honey how are you?
Doris: (Approaches for a hug and kiss) Fine sweetheart, hope you slept well?
Charles: I tried to
Doris: What do you mean you tried to?

Charles: You know nah (Begins to mumble words with eyes closed as if asleep)
Doris: Oh that? Well I couldn’t sleep at all because the building was vibrating from its foundation. (Begins to mimic snoring husband)
Charles: Shut up joor! Please give me my food lest I am late for work.
Doris: In a jiffy! (Dashes off and returns with the meal in a tray. Tea and Bread. Places tray on the dining table while Charles sits to eat)
Charles: Thanks sweet heart. (Says a quick prayer and begins to gnaw at the Bread while Doris sits by to watch. Charles takes a piece of bread and dips into the steaming hot cup of tea)
Doris: My Gawd! Charles! What are you doing?
Charles: (startled) what? What is it?
Doris: How could you be dipping bread into your cup of tea? You should know it is not proper.
Charles: (Relaxed now, he heaves a sigh of relief) oh that? You scared me you know. Ehen?  Am I not inside my house? I can eat any how I like here!
Doris: No Sir! Its bad table manners, you could forgetfully do same in public someday. What happens to “Charity begins at home”?
Charles:  how can I….? (Stands up from the meal, goes for his briefcase) oh well, I am sorry it won’t happen again.
Doris: (surprised, stands up) honey! You are not eating again? Is it because of what I said?
Charles: I think I have lost my appetite! I am okay!
Doris: Hold on Honey! Please hold on!!
(Charles pauses)
Doris: Honey please I am sorry; I never meant to upset you. Please come and eat your food please. (She holds his free hand and pulls him back to the dining table; he obliges reluctantly, sits and begins to pick at his food…….till fade)

To Be Continued…

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