Must Read: Just Wedded… Part 28

?A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic… 

Mr.Ayo: (Walking out of the Office) you are welcome my dear but please tell them! (Pointing at Patrick) tell them to go and marry, only then can they understand the beauty of it. Not jumping from one Carol to Paulina, to Clara! (He exits)
Clara: Ha! Oga no o! God forbid o!
Patrick: (To Clara) what? Why you dey shout? Is it only your name he called? Why are you always pretending as if you don’t like me?
Clara: My Gawd! You? If you are the only man left on this planet I would go for a monkey!
Patrick: (laughs loud) no wonder! You would have let us know all this while now? Instead of pretending you do not love me!
Clara: (Surprise) I should have let you know what?
Patrick: That you are in love with a monkey!
Clara: Me? I will kill you today!
 (She picks up a book and chase Patrick around the office. After running two Circles, Patrick stops, she runs into him accidentally, Patrick grips her hand with his left hand, pulls her closer by her waist with his right hand and plants a long kiss on her lips, she mourns softly as she wrap her hands around Patrick for a prolonged kiss. Charles and Yusuf opens their mouth agape in total disbelief as light fades)

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