Must Read: Just Wedded… Part 3

A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic… 

Office setting:  an open office containing six desks. Activity is going, computer key boards clicking, movements and discussion among colleagues etc. Charles peeps through the slightly open door; some one notices him and shouts “Here comes the groom”! Charles hurriedly closes the door and backs off. Colleagues chase after him and pull him back into the office amidst laughter and compliments.
Charles: Thank you, thanks to you Guys! Thank you for all your support (Approaches each of them with a bear hug, reaches Clara, pauses, pulls her closer and gives her a bear hug too. Someone clears his throat)
Charles; Na you sabi o! Yusuf, Can’t a brother hug a Sister again?
Yusuf: You can of course! But not so close because anything can happen.
Clara: Yusuf na you sabi o! Nothing dey happen I beg.
(They all scamper to their seats as their boss Mr.Ayo walks in)
Mr.Ayo: (looking tough as usual) what’s this pandemonium all about? (Sees Charles) oh! I see! Oko iyawo is back.
Charles: (stands up abruptly) yes sir! Good morning sir and I thank you for your entire support sir. I really appreciate sir!
Mr. Ayo:  Tah! (waves it aside) and how was your honey moon? Hope you don score goal o?
(General laughter in the office)
Charles: Oga I don’t know o! But time shall tell
Mr.Ayo: Well we shall soon know, abi no be so?
(All Chorus, Na sooooo! as Mr. Ayo exits the Office)
Yusuf: So, old Boy, how is married life so far?
Clara: Can’t you see how fat his cheeks are? Just two weeks into marriage o! Even his tummy is bulging already.
Charles: Na lie I beg! Which tummy dey bulge?
Yusuf: Its true o! You don de comot belle o! (Exclaims)
Charles: (Addressing another Colleague) Patrick na true? I don de comot belle?
Patrick: Don’t mind them jare, you are okay, you are just refreshed that’s all (phone rings) whose phone is ringing?
Charles: oh its mine! (Picks up his phone, stares at the screen and smiles)
Patrick: (Clears his throat) Na wa o! Love wantintin! I go vex go marry o!
Charles: (Motioning colleagues to be quiet) hello sweetheart? (General laughter in the office, some cover their mouths to suppress laughter. The door opens; they all look towards the door as Mr. Ayo reappears. They all feign seriousness as the day’s job begins)

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 3:48 pm

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