Must Read: Just Wedded… Part 5

A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic… 

Husband and Wife in the sitting room watching TV. Doris’s head is on Charles’s thigh as she lay on the Couch. Phone rings, Doris jumps up and rushes to pick her phone
Doris: It’s my Mum! (She exclaimed) Hello Mummy, Mummy it’s not fair o! You just abandoned me all these days, no calls, text messages, not even a flash! Haba mummy! Is this how it is supposed to be? You just sold your Daughter and abandoned her… (Nods) Ehen? Sure? Hmmm mummy, okay I forgive you. How is daddy, Emmanuel and Jane? Jane has gone back to School? Okay ma, yes ma! He’s here; do you want to speak with him? (Gives phone to Charles) mummy! 
Charles: (Collects phone) Mummy good day ma! Fine ma, yes ma, mummy this one that you remembered us today, (Laughs) okay ma, no wahala ma, all is well. My People are fine; they call from time to time. (Doris is restless as she beckons at Charles to give her the Phone) thank you ma. Please hold on for Doris (Hands Phone to Doris)
Doris: Mummy I am missing you Guys so much, will you be home tomorrow? Okay we shall come and visit you tomorrow around 2 PM. Yes ma after Church service. Okay ma! Please prepare for us o! And prepare my favourite Dish o! Alright ma! See you tomorrow. Love you too mum. (She prances about in excitement while Charles stares at her in bewilderment)
Doris: Oh Honey! I can’t wait to see my Folks tomorrow! Oh I can’t wait, I can’t wait (Excitement) Honey you are not saying anything, are you okay? (Beaming with smiles as she embraces her husband)
Charles; Doris did you forget or are you simply pretending? (Pushes off her hands and stands up)
Doris; Honey what is it I forgot? And why would I be pretending? And stop staring at me in this hostile manner! What’s up?
Charles: Tomorrow after church service my Uncle and his Wife are visiting! How could you forget that? We have been discussing this since last week! Why did I give you money to go shopping yesterday?  Was it not in anticipation of their visit?
Doris: (She puts her hands on her head and exclaims) oh my God I forgot! How could I? Honey I am so sorry, please I forgot. Can you call them to reschedule for next week please?
Charles: No way! They wanted to visit last Sunday, we postponed it to tomorrow and you want me to call them now and tell them to postpone it again? How convenient it is for you to say that! How do you want them to feel? This is my uncle we are talking about, since my Father’s death; he’s being like a father to me. Do you want him to feel I am avoiding him? No way ma! We would rather call your mum and postpone our visit!
Doris: So your uncle is more important than my parent? Is that so Charles? (Very angry)
Charles; (Opens his mouth agape) what did you just say?
Doris: Yes of course! Your uncle’s visit is priority over our visiting my parent!
Charles: How on earth could you think like that? You just concluded on your own, without even consulting me, to visit your Mum tomorrow. You did not even seek my opinion to know what my program is like. Meanwhile we have been discussing my Uncles visit for a whole week and you dare say I value my Uncles visit more? Who is being biased here? You or me?
Doris: (Sobbing) All I know is that I am missing my Family I want to go home. I want to go home and we must go together tomorrow!
Charles: Sorry ma! You will not have your way on this one and please stop being unreasonable, call your Mum and reschedule for next week end.
Doris; Over my dead body! (Stubbornly) I would rather die than not to see my parent tomorrow with or without you!
Charles: And who will attend to my Folks when they arrive?

Doris: I don’t know! (Walks angrily out of the room)
Charles: I am talking to you Doris! Come back here! (Stands akimbo, totally surprised and humiliated) What is this? Is this Doris or someone else in her body?  Ha! I don’t understand o! (Walks angrily after her)

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 28, 2016 — 6:45 pm

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