Must Read: Kronicles Of A Runs Girl… Part 29

A story written by wazobiareport…. If you missed part Twenty Eight read it HERE!!!

How do you respond to this? I was between her and an officer, I assumed, who I didn’t recognize. In front in the passenger seat was a short officer I recognized, he was also in mufti, and a lady in police uniform was driving.
“The way you fought that man, not many people would have had mind to challenge him like that.”
I looked at her wondering what it was she wanted from me or wanted me to say.
“We have been following you since morning. We were just waiting for him to drop you so that we can pick you, but when you started to fight him like that we just had to intervene.”
“What are you talking about?”
“We are going to catch all of them today, this morning. The criminals. The kidnappers. We have made contact with them and they will lead us to your friend and his friends.”
I knew it was a trick so I decided to stop talking.
“Amaka, I’m really sorry about everything that happened to you. The commissioner called us. He said Brutus messed with you.”
“Ehn. The night duty officer that, that disturb you.”
I understood.
“He is facing disciplinary panel. I didn’t know about it, if not I would have disciplined him myself. I am woman too. That kind of thing doesn’t normally use to happen in our station but they just transfer him to us. My sister, you are a woman like me, I cannot ask you to forget what happened, but I’m begging you, please, we will deal with him, just take heart. I didn’t know anything about it.”
What was she on about?
“How did you know about today?” I asked her.
“It is out job. We have been investigating nau.”
“Who told you?”
“Told us to investigate?”
“No. About today. Who called you?”
“Nobody called us.”
“So how did you know about the drop off? You said the commissioner called you.”
“Ehn. We know the commissioner is your friend, but this is our job and it is not before someone calls us to say they have interest in a case before we do our job.”
“But how did you know about today?”
“Amaka, you are really something. Ok, I will tell you. This police work is brain work. You see, when Mr Johnny’s family contacted us to say they didn’t want police involvement, we knew that that means the kidnappers have contacted them, so we started to monitor everything. We got the numbers calling his son and we contacted the kidnappers to tell them that we will hand the matter to the American Embassy if they don’t cooperate. You see, they think they are working with some of our men. We told them that they should share the money with us, unless we will hand over their number and location to the American Embassy.”
“You know where they are?”
“No, but they don’t know that we don’t know. We told them that satellite has pinpoint their location and we can just hand them over to American embassy, but if they cooperate and give us half of the money we would just assist them to collect the money. That is the only way we can get them to expose themselves so that we can retrieve the hostages alive and capture them.”
“You mean you are not working with them?”
“How? I said we pretended to them that we are working with them. The man that you were struggling with is one of us. The people that collected the money are the criminals. We are following them now but we already know where they are. Today today, this morning, they will release your friends to us and we will arrest them.”
“They said they are only releasing Johnny.”
“Yes, that is what they negotiated with our boys because they said that when they share the money with us, the money remaining for them will be too small. But once we share the money they have collected today they will trust us more and we will know where they are keeping Mr Johnny. Don’t worry, all your friends will be free today, but please, tell the commissioner to have mercy on us. Amaka, my husband does not have a job and I have four children and I’m looking after my little sister and my husband’s brother is living with us. It is only my salary from this police work that I’m using to support everybody. Please, Amaka, I am begging you, let bygones be bygones.”
The car was speeding towards VI. I was trying to process what she had just told me.
“Does John know about this?”
“Who? His son? He didn’t know but now our officers would have briefed him by now.
“And you are sure this will work?”
“It is a trick we use all the time. It always works, as long as it is only the team working on the case that knows about it.”
We drove to Ikoyi and by the time I became aware of where we were the driver had turned onto First Avenue.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“The Commissioner of Police said we should bring you to his house,” she said.

To Be Continued….

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