Must Read: Love Diary… Part 16


A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

I collected my small bag and left the building. Now I can actually call Samantha. I can’t describe the joy I felt. The whole thing was unbelievable. I went at a quiet corner, two blocks away and dialed her number.

It rang three times before she picked it.

“Hello,” I said.

“You kept me waiting for like forever but I am so glad you called.” She said as she chuckled. It was a happy laugh.

I grinned. I can feel her happiness. “How are you doing dear?”

“I am doing fine.”

I can still feel some kind of hesitation in her voice.

Let me bell the cat. “I’m coming.” I said.

She was quiet. Maybe she was processing the information.



“I can’t believe it. I thought it was impossible. Oh, I’m so happy. So I have to start expecting you. So what will you like me to offer you? I will definitely have to cook our tribal…”

“Samantha wait.”

She was so overjoyed. I had to cut her off.

“We will work with Mtn for some days. I won’t come to your side right away. It’s work that is bringing me.”

“Whatever,” she said.

I don’t know what she meant by that.

“I can’t wait to see youuuuu. Oh my God! You are really coming.”

This is the first time I am noticing this side of her. She is so simple. Now her happiness blossoms like flower.

“I am doing this for us. I miss you so much dear.” I said.


I heard her saying. Then the call ended abruptly. I didn’t know what happened at her side. It sounded like someone called her. Was it the Zithembe her fiancé? I don’t just know.

I went back inside, throughout the day, I was just in a happy mood. I noticed Lizzy stealing some glances at me.

“What?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she said.

Girls are sensitive; she must have noticed that there is something else going on that she doesn’t know. That one is not my concern.

I spent the rest of the day working with some of our clients. We offered them advice on how to reduce cost. It was a busy day; a good day.

I drove back to my house in the evening. Moses called us to come over to his house. He said he has a gist for us. What interesting gist can he possibly have? I went anyway.

Surprisingly, he was staying at the same Lekki with me. When I opened the door, Tim was already there. Moses was sitting beside his girl, Jennifer.

“Good evening guys.”

“Hi dear.”

I greeted.

The girl excused us and went inside.

“Guys, I have a news for you this evening. In fact I don’t know how to say it.” Moses said.

He brought Eva wine. Haba, what’s the occasion? This one his girl is even here. I wonder.

“Just spill it off Mos,” said Tim.

Moses brought out his hands. I noticed a sparkle of something.

A ring!

“I and my sweetheart, Jennifer, we are officially engaged.” He said with a big smile.

I was surprised but happy for him. This guy that said he hates marriage. Was it pressure from family? I hope he doesn’t keep that girl engaged without marrying her for eight years. I kept my thoughts to myself.

“Really, congrats Mos. This really calls for celebration,” said Tim.

Tim filled a glass with the wine and drank a little.

“I’m so happy for you dude. So this means we are already hearing the sound of wedding bells.” I said.

“I pray so.” Moses smiled. Jennifer came and joined him. They looked like one happy couple. She raised up her hand. I saw the ring. Perhaps, that was her intention. I smiled at her.

“Both of you are perfect for each other,” I said.

“I have my own news,” said Tim.

We all gazed at him.

“It’s about my special valentine plan. I and Sheila will spend our V day at Tinapa along with the celebrities.”

“That’s lovely Tim,” I said.

Moses faced me at once and said, “Dude, come on. We can arrange a babe for you. Jennifer has a friend you will like, she is adorable. Her name is as sweet as wine; Cynthia.”

“Not me Moses.”

“Dude when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable,” he said. He thought he made a point.

I quickly said, “Suck it up Moses. Forget that your economic principle or whatever you call it. It’s outdated thinking and it is meant to deceive you to settle for less.”

“No nono. It’s….”

I cut him off, “So you tell a graduate that since there is no job, he should resign himself to pushing truck because that’s what is available.”

“That’s not the point I want to make,” he said defensively.

“I know the point you want to make and you are wrong.”

He kept quiet. Tim drained up the rest of his wine.

I smiled as I filled the last empty glass on the table with wine.

“I will be going to SA. I was told at work today.” I dropped it. Boom!

“Really?” Tim asked as he sat up.

“I don’t believe it. Is this a joke or what?” asked Moses as he held his girl by her waist with his left hand.

“It’s not for you to believe. I came to tell you guys that I will be leaving tomorrow.”

“Que sera sera. I know it,” said Tim.

“You know what?” asked Moses.

“It’s divine providence. It’s destiny. I am happy for you dude,” said Tim.

“Tim the poet,” said Moses mockingly.

I smiled and said. “Let’s make a toast.

“Okay,” said Moses.

“On point,” said Tim

We filled our glasses with wine and raised it up.

“To wealth,” said Tim.

“To long life,” said Moses.

“To love.” I said silently.

We clicked the glasses together and drained it all at once and began to laugh.

“Please, everyone should drop their Skype details. We will use it for communication,” said Moses.

I and Tim gave Moses our Skype details.

“Safe journey dude,” said Moses

“Free ride dude,” said Tim.

I wished them all the best. By the time I reached my house, it was 10pm. I brought out the envelope, it was all technical stuff. I plan to go through it during flight the next day.

I put some of my clothes and necessary stuffs in my small briefcase. I don’t know when I will wake up. I got an SMS on my phone informing us to be at the airport by 8am.

Tomorrow will be a day to remember.

I didn’t even know when I slept.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 13, 2016 — 7:10 pm

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