Must Read: Love Diary… Part 22


A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

The Saturday sun was filtering through the door of the cell. It’s been three hours since Samantha left. I guess she must be with Eddie now. The whole situation has weighed me down but I am not backing down. If Sergeant Zithembe thought he is doing all these to scare me away from Samantha, then he is using all that tactics on the wrong person. Instead, all these have strengthened my resolve to do everything in my power to make Samantha a permanent part of my life and to fight for my place in her life.
I was standing up, resting beside the walls. I looked at my phone, it was 3pm. My phone battery is already going down.
Suddenly, a hand dragged me down. I looked around and discovered that the two misfits have woken up.
“Leave me alone,” I barked.
Both of them are rising up now. The bigger of the two was furious at me. I didn’t know why. A hot slap landed on my chin. It was so painful
“What is the meaning of this?” I asked.
“Will you shut up there boy?” The bigger one said.
“You think you will come here and form boss for us?” said the second one. He was looking so black.
I forced myself to stand up and began to retreat backwards to the door.
“You are going to rot with us here.” The bigger one said as they both laughed.
This is getting out of hand.
What am I going to do?
Suddenly, there was a lot of commotion outside.
“This is not fair. This is not fair.” An unfamiliar voice was saying.
I tried to peep through the door to observe what was happening but I couldn’t.
All at once, two policemen approached the door of the cell and unlocked it with big set of keys.
They opened it and dragged me out. They began to drag me to the outer office.
As they were dragging me out, a police officer approached the cell with a handcuffed prisoner.
“This is not fair. I have done a lot of service to this nation. I shouldn’t be treated like this.” He was the one I heard his voice earlier. Who is he? He is fair in complexion, slim and of average height.
As he passed me, our eyes met. There was recognition in his eyes instantly. The expression in his face turned from that of recognition to something else; hatred. He barked, “You, You asshole, you Nigerians will come here and take everything that belongs to us. You have taken everything that belongs to me, My woman, my job…”
“Shut up. Move!” the policeman ordered him as he dragged him forward.
He still turned and pointed at me, “She was cheating on me too with this asshole. You… It will not go well with you and Samantha. It will not go well with you and Samantha. You will pass through the same pains you have put me through,” he said as the policeman pushed him inside the cell and locked its huge metal door behind him.
Sergeant Zithembe. He appears like a gentleman. Appearance can be so deceiving. Now I know that he is a beast inside.
I felt so shaken as I reached the outer office.
What happened?
“Sign here,” said the policeman.
“What? What is happening?”
“We have been ordered to release you.” He said.
I was still confused. I signed and they gave me my small bag in which I kept the gift I bought for Samantha.
“We apologize for any inconvenience and discomfort.” I heard the policemen saying as I left the office.
Suddenly, two BMW cars approached my side and stopped in front of me.
It was like a déjà vu.
Samantha came out of the first car immediately and gave me a tight hug.
“I am sorry for all these.” She said. She didn’t want to release me yet.
I was still having this confused look.
“I … I don’t understand.” I stammered.
She smiled, “I know you have a lot of questions. There is someone here that wants to brief you on everything that happened.”
I nodded.
I looked up and Eddie and one other policeman came out of the second car.
Eddie came close to me and gave me a hug. As I was so happy that he gave me a hug, he whispered in an angry tone, “You played me and you know it. You lied to me about everything when you really wanted to come here all along. I promise you, you will answer a lot of queries at home. Better get yourself prepared for another lie to tell,” he said and drew back.
I maintained my composure, “Thank you so much Eddie, I owe you a big one.”
Eddie gave a fake smile and said, “You are welcome. Let me introduce you to Agent Butholezwe.”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 16, 2016 — 8:13 pm

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