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Must Read: Love Diary… Part 23


A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

The agent appeared to be in his early fifties, he smiled and we shook hands.
“I am with the South African Narcotics Bureau Unit.”
“Alright.” I nodded with a curious look on my face.
“I know you have a lot of questions.”
“Yes Sir, what happened?”
“Sergeant Zithembe has been stripped of his ranks. He is no longer a police officer and when he is convicted by the court, he will stay in jail for a couple of years.” He said.
“My unit has been investigating him. We suspect that he has been dealing in illegal drugs and narcotics which explain the huge sum of money in his account. The money he has is unusual for a person in his rank. So we began following his every move but we were not able to get evidence. Every time we are close to catching him red handed, he will somehow get off our trail. He has been getting away with it until now. This week, we were closing in on him but when you came along, he planned get off our trail while pinning the whole thing on you by framing you. Then he would be known as the police officer that caught another foreigner that came to deal in drugs.”
“What happened?”
“Your coworker Eddie showed us your room and we did not see any drugs stashed in your room. In fact, your room has not been opened by anyone since you left,” he said.
“Then why…”
He cut me off, “Zithembe has a partner he has been working with in everything illegal. Both of them framed you. Zithembe paid his partner to stash the drugs in a hotel room in another hotel because he didn’t know your hotel. And because he was a police officer, the police unit here never questioned him. He told them he has had you investigated and that you were trying to escape. He told them to arrest you immediately you come out of the train.”
“But what if police later decide to look for evidence?”
“You can stay in detention in a police cell for more than three days while waiting for your trial in court. He and his partner planned to use that window period and find out information about where you are staying and then plant the drugs in your hotel room.”
“What happened?”
“His partner got greedy. He requested that Zithembe should double the money he was paying him for helping to frame you. Zithembe threatened to frame him too and expose his illegal dealings to the police not knowing that he has made a mistake. The guy felt he has been dragged to the wall, he decided to come clean about the whole thing to the police and tell them everything. He approached us and for his cooperation, we will help secure him a few years in jail.”
The whole thing I heard overwhelmed me.
“I apologize for the way everything happened. You have suffered a lot. This is a bad way for someone to be welcomed to our city. The people of this city are very hospitable and friendly,” he said.
I shook hands with him.
Eddie came forward and shook hands with me, “I will go with him. Try and get some rest you look like hell. Our work starts on Monday. Be there on time.”
“I appreciate Sir.” I said.
He entered the car with the police agent and their car sped off.
Samantha came and hugged me. I held her face in my hands as I placed my mouth on hers and kissed her with tears in my eyes. This is too much for both of us.

To Be Continued…

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