Must Read: Love Diary… Part 24


A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

Samantha led me to the remaining BMW car.

“Honey, you said, we are going where?”

She dragged me inside. She gave the driver the sign and he began to move.

She was smiling. “You will know when you get there.”

“Honey, tell me please.”

“Nooooo.” Her face was so beautiful, “If I tell you, you may reject the idea.”

“Okay, you win, but only this once.” I said as I rested my back on the soft leather of the back seat. Samantha slid her right hand around my neck and rested her head on my shoulders.

“Thanks for the gift. It’s so lovely.”

“Don’t mention.”

It was almost 4pm. The driver passed through Ben-swart street and in few minutes time, we were driving through the 26th avenue. The car entered a small road that continued to curve until it ended in front of a huge compound. The huge gate slid open and our car drove through and stopped in front of an imposing brick building. It was big and beautiful; an evidence of the beauty of South African architecture. We came out of the car. Samantha held me on the waist as we entered the building. We passed through a long archway and entered into an expensively furnished living room. She led me to the dining room. As I was still going through a lot of questions in my heard, a powerfully built man entered the dining room. He was in his early sixties. The whole place smells of old money.

“Daddy, this is Chris. Honey this is my father.” She introduced.

“Young man, you are welcome. I requested for you.” His voice was so deep. Ishook hands with him, his hands were big.

It was only the three of us. We sat down and ate the well garnished Zulu bean and potato dish as we made small talks. Samantha served the food with vegetable relishes made from tomato and onion along with dumplings and chunks of roasted meat.

“In our Language, it is called IsiphuphuluSikabhontshisi Namazambane,” said Samantha’s father.

I nodded in appreciation. The food was so delicious. I didn’t know what to make out of the whole thing. I can’t doubt the fact that this is really a pleasant surprise. After eating, Samantha excused us and the man looked at me and said, “A lot of men would have backed out once they discovered what they were up against. But you stayed at my daughter’s side, in the fight till the end and even helped restore our family’s image. This shows that you are serious about my daughter.” He said. He looks like a no nonsense man.

I nodded.

I wanted to ask him if he know all along about how Zithembe was treating his daughter but I dismissed that thought. I am here to make a good impression and not to….

He interrupted my thoughts, “You want to marry her?” His question was very direct.

For once in my life, I was sure of the one thing I wanted the most, “Yes Sir.” I said.

“You have my blessing.”

“Thank you Sir.”

The whole experience was like a dream come through. Five minutes later, Samantha and I were back in the car as the driver drove us to her apartment in Colin’s Avenue.

I need to rest but first of all, I need to communicate with my friends on Skype.

It’s been a long day and I just realized that I have not been so happy like this in a long time

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 17, 2016 — 10:27 pm

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