Must Read: Love Diary… Part 4


A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

I waited for her to speak.

“I ran away,” she finally said.

What? I asked in my mind but kept quiet. I took a little sip from the glass of wine. Being impatient, I asked, “Why dear? What happened?”

She has stopped crying. I guess she has now found the courage to talk to me. Perhaps my status has changed from that of a complete stranger to a friend.

“My parents…” She said. Her voice was cracking.

I was bracing myself for the worst. Oh my God! An accident?

Her voice interrupted my thoughts, “They are forcing me to marry someone that I detest,” she said as new tears began to fall down.

I was quite surprised by what she said. I was now deeply concerned for her. “Why will they do that my dear? And who is the guy?” Too much questions but I can’t help myself.

“He is a policeman. My parents made some kind of arrangement that I don’t know about in the past with his parents.”

“I hate policemen,” I said.

“Exactly. The guy is such a nice guy. So boring with a big potbelly and he snores. I can’t live with that kind of person for the rest of my life,” she said, still in tears.

“Calm down my dear. You won’t. I totally agree with you. Your parents have no reason to force you to marry someone you detest. You are the one that will endure it all, not them. Don’t over-think it dear, everything will eventually fall into place,” I assured her. She nodded.

“What made you to come here? Do you know anyone here before?”

“Yes. When I was a child, I used to come here for vacation with my parents. I love Lagos, the food and I have made quite a lot of friends here as well,” She said as a smile appeared back on her face.

That explains it then. We slide back into a normal conversation. The more we talk, the more I stare at her. I just love the way she smiles, how lovely she looks. She is so passionate; so alluring. We set another date to meet up at a night club in Lekki the next day. When I went back to my apartment in Lekki, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and now I think I’m beginning to develop this feeling for her….and…I am just confused. The whole thing made me feel so vulnerable. I am used to being in control but now I have this conflict of emotions that made me feel like am losing it. Samantha…. Should I believe that meeting her was the best decision of my life? Or that this is something that I going to very much regret?

To Be Continued…

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