A story written by STANLEY UMEZULIKE (PHONE: +2347060745771)

“She lied?” Both and Timothy asked. I called both of them over to my place the next day. It was a Saturday Morning and the sun has just started shinning.

“Not really. If I were in her shoes, I can’t just begin to open up to someone I was just meeting for the first time,”

“Don’t paint it Chris,” said Timothy.

“You can’t trust girls these days. Even my girl does that. She tells me one thing today, she tells me another thing tomorrow,” Moses said as he made a motion with his hand.

“Moses, you mean that your on and off girlfriend?” asked Timothy.

“We do have issues now and then. Sometimes she can be a complaining Bytch, but kai, she is still special to me.” Moses said

I was just looking at them. We are all sitting down in the sitting room. I prepared tea and soon we began to eat tea and bread. Timothy faced me and said, “Chris you didn’t ask Samantha why she lied the first time?”

This guy is a pain in the Buttocks.

“Please I don’t want to discuss about my relationship.” The words just flew out of my mouth before I realized what I just said.

“Your relationship!” Both of them exclaimed. I kept quiet as I gave them the James Bond stare.

“Wonders shall never end,” said Moses as he laughed so loud. “A girl you just met few days ago, you are already talking about relationship.”

“But guy, you are 30. At this age, we shouldn’t be talking about relationship. How many relationships have you had since you were 18? More than five. We should be talking about marriage. If you see the right girl for you, you should go ahead and marry her,” said Timothy.

“Tim, you have a point,” I said.

The whole thing just made me begin to think about Samantha; her openness, her simplicity, her smile. Everything about her just makes me feel like she is the….

“Talking about marriage, I just feel it was designed to keep a man down. You will just be tied down to one woman only. No more fun. No one adventure,” Moses interjected as he interrupted me in my thoughts.

I gave Moses a hard stare.

“What do you think Tim?” Moses asked.

“I think a man changes immediately he gets married. Marriage doesn’t just work well for some men. Go round this vicinity and see what marriage have done to some guys. If they tell you how they were doing before they got married, you won’t believe it,” said Timothy.

All eyes were on me to say my mind.

“I think marriage can either be the worst thing that can happen to a man or the best thing that can happen to him. If a man is lucky and he finds the right woman, when he is financially and psychologically ready for marriage, he can go ahead and marry. It will be the best thing that will happen to him.” I said.

“Hmmm,” said Moses.

I gave him the ‘What?’ Look.

“Chris, about Samantha. Is it love or lust? Is she the one?” Timothy asked as they both looked at me.

That’s the one billion naira question. I have been trying to sort out my feelings since last night. After making mistake with five girls, I don’t want this one to be something I will regret. I have always rushed into relationships and ended up either breaking hearts or got my heart broken. I have to take it slow and follow my heart and see where it leads me. I have this feeling deep inside me that I have finally seen the girl that I have been searching for.

I kept the thought to myself.

“It’s definitely not lust. This one, I am certain. She is not one of those girls that you see and you want to rush for a one night stand. She…is…different.” I said.

They all kept quiet.

We discussed football, played Connect by Phyno and talked about the Nigerian music industry. They later left in around 12 in the afternoon. Moses wanted to do some cleaning at his house and Tim wanted to go to market. This rest of the day was like a blur. Time moved so slow and finally grinded to a halt.

It’s finally 6:30 and I am meeting with Samantha by 7. I dressed up in white polo and blue jeans and tied up the laces of my white canvas. I entered my Bentley and pushed through the busy streets.

I like Lekki better at night. It was a cacophony of beautiful people, cozy hotels, restaurants and flooding street lights. As I drove, I could hear Skelewu song in the background. I saw some couples lingering around the sidewalks, children playing around and guys hanging around with their girls around the joints.

Soon I reached my destination. I parked my car outside and began to approach the entrance of Club Vegas.

To Be Continued…

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