The news of Eva D’s death spreads like a wild fire. Raven FM practically shut down. Calls and messages kept sprawling in. Fans inundated our station. People were furious and angered by her sudden demise. It was too difficult to believe. I felt the pain of her death like a reticent pang in my chest. I could not swallow the reality of her death despite she antagonized me all through my career and I had secretly  wished for her doom but I never imagined she would die. 
The police gathered that she was discovered by her friend in her bathroom, lying lifelessly in a bathtub and bleeding from her skull to her shoulders. Her face are swollen and her corpse is a skeleton of her, they added. 
The management gave us the day off to go mourn. I returned home, afraid of turning the TV to see newsflash and it’s her pics staring sadly at me or entering my room and see her fleshless corpse standing next to the window and pointing her blood covered hand at me. 
I needed to be around someone. I ringed Tunji but he didn’t not pick. I repeated it sequentially only for his secretary to answer that he was in a meeting and that he will call when he is out. 
I waited for him to return my call, seated on the couch with my eyes focused on the blank TV. A call entered, it was Sophie.  I answered it. Her voice resembled the computer woman but she was crying like the death of Eva D had just gotten to her. 
“Angie, they have arrested Mike.”


“They said he is a prime suspect.”

“How? That’s not possible.”

“Mike was sleeping with Eva D.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is. He couldn’t deny it.”

“How did they come about this?”

“He was the last person she spoke with before she died.”
A ring on the door bell startled me, I practically peed in my panties, thinking it is Eva D’s ghost ringing the doorbell, obviously coming to haunt me before she finally transcend to the supernatural world. 
“Someone is at the door. I will call you back.”
I hang up and shakily head for the door. I unbolt the locks and opened slowly. It is Tunji, in a black suit. He looked dapper   that I want to dabble him in my hands. I embraced him and started to weep. He puts his arms around me and pressed my face to his chest.
I felt his lips on my head and I heaved my lips to his. We kissed like the world was about to end. My eyes were wide shut that I saw heaven clearly. When our lips parted. I saw that lustful glint in his eyes that he wants to tear apart…

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