After giving her the phone, I knew right away that I was in a big mess, how to collect the phone ain’t the problem, I know she must give me my phone back but when is the main question. Through out my stay in the hall I was thinking on what to tell her, she has gotten what she will use to get me back.

I finished the exams successful, no form was giving to me nor my name taking for exam-malpractice, thanks to my stars. On my way out I met Ego and the remaining girls, they’ve really become friends now, since we met together, I went home without telling any one of them. I remembered that Blessing (d Nurse) had earlier called me but I didn’t pick due to where I was, I became bothered, since I don’t know the reason she called.
After removing my school uniform, I prepared something to eat, after eating I went to Blessing’s house, it was there I heard what I was expecting. I got to Blessing’s and I met her on bed, I asked her what the matter was and she said…….”I was supposed to see my period last week but I didn’t see it, so I decided to run a PT, and the result shows positive”. Jeeeeessssssssuuuuuuussssss!!!! My mind cut immediately, but I need to pretend as if I wasn’t scared, I told her to stop the joke, she told me she wasn’t joking, I didn’t believe though I was scared until she brought the result out.
Blessing brought out a result which indicated positive that it was her result, my countenance changed immediately but as a guy, I composed myself and reason to and fro, the first and last time I had s-x with her, but I thought they said Nurses are very smart and rarely get pregnant except if they deem it fit? Why is Blessing so dormant? I was about to do/say the greatest mistake of my life when I suddenly changed my mind. I wanted to tell her to abort the baby, but one mind kept telling me not to try it. I was afraid inwardly but outwardly I was sitting like a man with her head on my laps. Dis days I just laughed the way guys put so much value on s-x, I never knew a single occurrence can bring me so much pain, had I known that it will result to that I would have Go For Gold but now it’s too late. Just my second paper and am already heading to being a father? It was that period I realized how devil works, a confused mind and a calm body. She asked me why am not saying anything, suddenly I found my voice and I said………….TBC

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