Must Read: My Adventure With My Street Chicks… Part 83

I was still lost in my thought when she asked me if am not gonna say anything, I just looked into her eyes and kissed her, she was shocked as I did flared at her or insult her. “Baby, I love you and I love the baby you are carrying…….if there is money I will be the best guy and best father to you and this baby, but now that there is no money, it will be difficult, but still you will keep this baby” as I was saying all this my mind was telling me another different thing, what I was thinking before those words came out I didn’t know, how it came out of my mouth was even a mystery.

Believe me guys, ladies loves it when you make the imaginary real, making something impossible look as if it very simple and making a complicated issue very simple drives them crazy. As I was saying all this, she was smile-crying at the same time. Now tell me what is that thing that will make a lady be smiling and shedding tears? Is it not when she has been over excited? I guess I have done a good job outwardly, but inwardly my mind is not at rest. If what was going on in my mind could be say out, she will hate me for ever, how can some one working in a hospital be pregnant when she doesn’t needs it? She that do give others drugs to preven pregnancy now took in? My mind was like ‘I knew from the beginning that this girl was a very dull un learned girl, the dullest girl I have ever come across, she is a bad luck to me, I wished I shouldn’t have slept with her’ girls beware of what guys tell you when they are still “hustling” for that “stuff” under your skirt, immediately they have it, no name that they won’t call you.
“Baby, please stop crying, God will help us, we will take good care of the baby, let’s pray your parent (as if she has any) buy the idea of keeping the baby. Please my love, don’t cry over this please, I will never disappoint you”. By now she was no more smile-crying, she was actually blursing. “Peter” she called out my name. “Yes” I answered. “I really appreciate everything you have said, now I know the amount of love (for her mind) you have for me. I never knew you love me this much, I now have rest of mind. The truth is that am not……………….TBC

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Updated: Jan 11, 2018 — 11:00 pm

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