Must Read: My Adventure With My Street Chicks… Part 84

The truth is that am not pregnant, I only want to see your reaction, and now I have seen it no doubt that you love me, I really appreciate you”. As she finished those strange lines I was bewildered, I couldn’t decide whether to Laugh, scream or shout, I thought about it again that doing any of this things might means to her that I was pretending all this while, I thought within seconds on what reaction to follow, then this thought came to my mind, I dropped her head from my laps on the chair as I stood up andd began to go, she ran and hold my legs and started asking me why am leaving, I stood there for about five minutes without talking, she was begging me that if she has wrong me, I should please forgive her.

“How would you play such an expensive play? Do you realize how many blood I have lost and how many my BP has risen? Do you know how many of my things I have plan of selling out? What sort of joke is this”? I asked her in pretext of being angry yet inwardly I was happy for not flop ping, thank God my mind was a bit free, at least now am gonna play safe. I went back and sat down, after she has begged for about ten more minutes, she came and lay down on my laps, she kissed me thinking I would push her away but I didn’t. Suddenly the thought of my phone came over, I then told her what happened in the hall and how my phone was seized. I told her I will go and collect it and I left (goodbye Blessing) I said in my mind.
I went straight to Miss Jacobs’ house, fortunately I met her at home, lying down on her chairs, as I opened the door having knocked and was told by her to come. “Good day” I greeted. “Good day to you too”. She replied. “Am here for my phone”. I said, waiting and expecting the worst. “Your phone was seize for exams malpractices mr Peter”. She said. Going through that angle, I already know that I have a great battle ahead, I looked towards her bed room of whose door was opened and I found my phone on top her bed. This lady wicked sha. “Miss Jacobs you and I know that every body makes mistakes, you know I only forgot to off my phone it wasn’t deliberately and I wasn’t doing any exams malpractice, because I have prepared myself before I went into the hall”. I explained. “That one doesn’t concerns me, your phone has been seized and taking to the head quarters”. Nawa for weting girls fit do just to revenge oo, I can see my phone, yet, some one is here telling me that it’s not with her?……….TBc

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Updated: Jan 13, 2018 — 12:30 pm

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