A story written by Dan Chucks, (danchucks001@gmail.com)…

I am nineteen. And yet to Fork a girl. Yea,you can begin screaming ‘WTF!’ all youwant. Well, that wouldn’t change a thing.Or would it? Let’s get back to the real storynow again, shall we? Fine. So…I startedseeing Adult movie at the age of thirteen. I was inHigh school then and always asked myfriends for their dirty magazines. I lovedwomen (…and still do of course. Wonderhow I shouldn’t when I ain’t gay) and wasalways attracted to more matured ones(MILFs mostly). Even though I craved to fuckone day, I always never had the courage toapproach any girl who was within my agebracket to ask her out. This meant I wouldcontinue with endless fantasies (…likeGenevieve Nnaji giving me a boob job. Howsilly though!), Adult movie and masturbation. Bynineteen, I had developed what wasbecoming one of the largest dicks forsomeone my age. My friends had alwaystalked about how large it was and evennever minded telling their girl friends. I wasnever bothered too as I only found itpleasing and largely a source of man pride.They claimed the pecker had only gottenthat big because I started Bleeping girls froma very tender age. I knew better but I nevertold them how wrong they were (they wereduns after all). Whenever we talked aboutsex, my experiences with Adult movie alwayslooked to substitute for me and over time,most of them began asking me for a coupletips on how they could please their girls. Itwas quite hilarious! (…and you can see whyI called them d*ns. Haha)The closest I had gotten to having S£x waswith a visiting sister to a neighbor. As aresult of my area of training I somehowbecame of help to the neighbor in question.He always gave me little tasks to carry outon his behalf of which he pays me for. I hadjust gotten into my third year in theuniversity and I had a fair idea of what healways gave me to do. It was on one of suchassignments that I got to meet Mary (now,not the mother of that guy who died on thecross. This one is quite not as innocent).She was far older than myself. At least shewas fifteen or seventeen years ahead, andmarried. I had gone to my neighbor’s placeto carry out one of the usual tasks wholeaves me with only to meet her at home.After introducing myself, she allowed me inand soon we became friends and gottalking. Our conversation was so vast thatwe soon began talking about theconsequences of having lots of weight ashuman. It propped up an argument as towhich, men preferred most. The fat or theslim. I said it was the later of which she didnot totally agree to and I knew why. Shewas a bit plump but was nonethelessmarried although without kids. She triedpresenting all her argue-facts and in theattempt asked me if I knew what it was likehaving a woman with lots of flesh in bed. Ianswered like I had tried both of the twosides before but that could not convinceher. Subsequently, she raised her flowingskirt almost entirely up to her waist,revealing her fleshy thighs. While she didso, she held onto one of the thighs andasked me if I knew what that succulentthigh meant to most men. She triedemphasizing it by grabbing onto the fleshthere and bringing herself closer to where Isat. All along I was smiling but not arousedin anyway. And I still assume she wasequally not aroused in any way what soever. However, after she got as close as shecould manage, she urged me to feel theflesh. Her skirt was still held to her hip byone hand while the other grabbed theunderneath of the thigh in question. Weboth were still joking and arguing about itat the same time. I still had intentions ofcontinuing with the task for which I visitedand all I planned to do was settle theargument and return to the work. When sherepeated the request, I laughed and toldher she had too much flesh and how I didn’tfancy it. To this, she further asked me tofeel her thighs and that I never knewanything about plump women. I respondedby placing a hand on it, telling her it madeno difference on what I felt and removed myhand. She rejected my attempt and insistedI would do so again. She even said I wouldhave to try to grab the thigh with bothhands. I laughed and said it was notnecessary. She made a face and said shenever liked what I was doing. In response, Isuccumbed and made to grab her laps assuggested. However, mistakenly, as I didso, I unintentionally dipped my right fingersthrough the cut of her panties therebyfinding her crotch (and how I liked themiracle!). She was partly damp there whichI felt was from sweat. But equally full ofcurly hair. My other hand had held onto theother side of her laps and was alreadymaking a move to lift the enormous thing.But with the right one right inside herpanties, everything paused. She did notutter a word and even when I said I wassorry and tried taking my hand away, sheshut up her thighs and caught my hands inbetween both legs. I remained stuck. Shepulled me towards her and that brought myhands straight to her wet Kittycat opening. Ionly made little additional effort and twofinger found their way into her yearningpussy! Unfortunately for her, we were onlyabout to get anything going when wesuddenly heard a knock on the door. Thiswas followed by her sister’s return. We hadbeen alone all along. My subsequentattempt to get this completed wascompletely futile as I was told she left thenext day. Poor Danny! Really poor, Danny!!Now I only use that for my fantasies. Ialways imagine myself completing theprocess. Locating her Kittycat with the samefingers, fingering them and getting to pulloff her panties. This would be followed byeither my sucking of her Kittycat; which I seeas my most coveted desires; or giving heran instant Fork. Nonetheless, all this willkeep being fantasies and nothing more.Well, that was about my closest attemptand as you can see, if failed woefully. Nowcan we talk about more important issues oflife? Good.I am the only son. And in a family of twoissues, it simply means I have just onesister.

To Be Continued….

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