Must Read: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum… Part 44

This is another story written by 360prince…. If you missed part Forty Three yesterday read it HERE!!!

Anxiety filled my heart when i left the school
compound, as I regretted losing that
opportunity. A wonderful, blissful and sun
brightening new morning came.
A day which seemingly assigned to be a joyful
day. I woke up punctually from the bed feeling
reluctant as i wanted sleeping more. I yawn for
hunger and entered the seating room to relax
for sometime before getting myself ready for
The parlour was dark the moment i stepped in.
moreover, what actually brought me into the
parlour diverted as i sighted my textbooks
scattere on the floor . My attention was
distracted as well, when i gazed at the unused
condom on the floor.
” see me 00oo, i read last night drop condom
for parlour. Chai.. I wonder wetin for don
happen if to say my dad still de around ?”, i
mutter as i bent down and pick the condom.
Thereafter, my mum woke up and quickly
opened her room door.
She came out cleaning her dim eyes , trying
hard to open them wider.
“good morning mummy “, i greeted her as i
tried hiding the condom, but my short had no
pocket, and so i hid it at my back.
“how you dey and how was your night ?”, she
asked when she fixed her gazed on me
” am fine mum. Mum pls enter kitchen go
prepare now”, i politely mentioned, as i tried
playing her smartly to leave the parlour, while i
find a secret place to dump the condom.
As my mum faced the direction of the kitchen,
she turned swiftly again and asked
“are you hiding something from me ?”.
“no!. Am just scratching my bottom 00oo”, i
replied immediately,I knew i lied.
“prince stop lying. I saw one packet of condom
last night in your textbook when i wanted
packing your. I gave you 6condoms, how come
you had only 1 remaining? Did you #clear
throat# it ?”, she mentioned, but i didnt
hesitate answering her. I just waved my head in
I majestically intruded the school compound
earlpy. i moved towards the hostel blocked.
My School mum was impressed to see me that
*i kissed her*
She couldn’t relent but adding more kiss to my
lips, when a knocked on at the door detached
Uduak walked in and greeted grace and i,
before announcing that the principal is in the
examination hall.
“i wonder why exams no gree finish, so dat i go
fit enjoy myself”, i silent said in my heart,
waving silly fake smile on my lips.
“prince you are due to be flogged. The other
day you entered the exam hall late, and now
here you are standing. Prince go to the hall!”,
she barked and i looked on the person i kissed
not long ago.
“am leaving ma’am. I de com continue where i
stop 00oo”, i uttered playfully.
I later followed uduak from behind as we passed
through the door. We approached the hall door
entrance and walked in silently. Mr. Akpan was
at the front advising, cautioning, and
complaining about the silly behaviours of
students fighting, committing abominable act.
The principal therefore made mentioned of sss3
students who changed the worshipping hall,
the exams hall into a S£x acting zone.
My mind never rest when i thought about the
kisses and i knew fully well that am begining to
grow in my maturity.
Mr. Akpan barked on the students. He
announced a prolong speeches for about an
hour. Mr. Akpan never ceased talking untill
when students started vacating the hall one
after the other.
Many thoughts captivated my heart when i sat
at the last desk, at the extremee of the hall
facing the principal. yet my mind wasn’t in the
” is like dis man no wan leave this place. I guess
am going out naw! naw!!”, emeka mentioned,
adjusting closer while tapping my shoulder and
that jolted me out of thoughts.
” 0boi, wait small so dat we go vamoose
together. But i tink say na exam de wan
conduct na ?”, i asked as i arranged my trouser
getting ready to barge out.
The moment i stepped out from the desk, mr.
Akpan threatened instructing that i sit back
and I angryly slammed my Buttocks on the wooden
desk and it nearly brokened. Mr. Akpan got
annoyed when he noticed that out of
200students in the hall, only 50remained.
Some students took permission from the
principal informing him that they want to
urinate, but never came back again to the hall.
Akpan relented speaking with the remaining
students. He reluctantly beckoned on a senior
to write down names of students present. When
the principal collecting the small booklet he
began to read out names. My heart beats faster
when i gazed toward uduak seat.
“s0! Dis girl follow commot? Well, she has to
stand the agony”, i spoke out openly.
I complained about uduak absent in the hall.
emeka tapped my shoulder and pointed his
fingers towards a different seat direction of
Uduak smiled from where she had sat and
snapped her fingers while i waved my head.
Mr. Akpan advanced towards the black wide
board and wrote EXAMS STARTS NOW!!
He called on the senior that wrote the names,
he instructed the dude to stand at the door
“chai! Na God save us. Na wetin go happen to
the rest students?”
Lateron, the examination started. Exams papers
were distributed to all the students. But before
the examination began, the principal penalized
the absentee.
We all wrote the exam without complaining on
how difficult the questions were.
After i had summited my paper i sneaked out
from the examination hall and precious followed
me. She called on my name and i patiently
waited on her to approached.
“i have something important to discuss with
you”, precious said looking straight to my face
“what is it ?. I guess its not something worth
listening “, i’d asked her
” it a good news for me but i dont know about
Firstly, we must leave this area “, she instructed
and i nodded my head.
I sincerely agreed with the idea of vacating the
place we stood, because i never wanted grace
or uduak to sight us. We strolled towards the
direction of the toilet environment.
I had asked her many questions about the
exams and she told me that everything worked
out well.
I instructed precious to follow me to where we
can sit. We sat on a stone.
Precious said something i wont like listening.
“prince i have been trying hard for you to
become mine, but you are not agreeing with
me. You never came as you promised, you
avoided me, you bla.. Bla..”, she narrated how
she feels for me.
I couldn’t speak when she began to explain how
deeply she loves me, rather i fold my arms
listening attentively to her. I made a sigh when
precious had stop.
“so, you called me here to propose or what ?.
Precious you know my girlfriend, or do you want
to breakup my relationship with uduak ?”, i’d
asked her
“uduak!?, thats a lie. You guys are just having
mind feelings without expressing your love for
each other!. I discussed with uduak and she
told me nothing is between you and her”,
precious explained
“00ooh. Wao00.. Is that so ?”, i asked blushing
my face.
“prince, i hope am revealing your secret ?”, she
asked winking at me.
” no!, you ain’t “, i answered immediately.
We sat on that corner stone talking and
laughing. Precious was quite a nice girl, she was
friendly but she wasn’t decent tho..
I pleaded with precious to permit me take my
leave. Precious forced me to hug her but i
” see you soon”, i mentioned and walk away
from the toilet environment
i left and headed towards the hostel block. On
my way i sighted uduak in the class.
I thought for sometimes before approaching
uduak. When i got into the class and sat closer
to uduak. She uttered suspicious words
“who did you stand with. You scent different “,
uduak said and my eyes got wide opened.
“whats wrong with my scent?”, i asked her
“you dont spray perfum to school during
examination period, so why spraying now?”,
uduak asked and i muted while blinking my
eyes thinking of what to reply her.
“your mama don get big cat for house were go
de scent whether rat de “, i mention laughing
out loud.
“na who be that rat?, i hope you are not calling
me rat because i hate rats. Okay?”, uduak
cautioned showing me frowned face
I sat with uduak in the class chatting and just
then, i remembered what precious told me
about her concerning our secret heart love
I couldn’t hesitate asking her if she did
explained whats going on between the two of
“when did precious tell you all that rubbish ?.
Perhaps, i dont love you 00oo!”, she said
dropping her face down while shifting away
from me.
“thank God say you no love me. Lady i dont
love you either. Okay ?”, i teased her and she
took my teasing as an insult.
“you had better stop loving me because i had
no feelings for you “, uduak replied hissing
” 00ookay then, i better look for a girlfriend
now. I hope no jealousing ?”, i mentioned and
she quickly turned to face me.
“emm, so you stood with precious ?, no wonder
you scent the same perfum she sprayed this
morning in the class “, uduak explained
everything precious did in the class before the
bell for exams rang…
Uduak couldn’t wait any longer in the class to
hear me say silly words of love, making
friendship with babes. She angryly walk out on
me and i jump down from the desk and ran
after her.
When i catch up with her, i tried confusing her
to understand what i meant but she annoyantly
separated my hand from her shoulder…
“who knows if you had already slept with
precious before coming to meet me in the
classroom”, uduak lamented
“holy marry!!!. I no get dickk were fit her oh”, i
mentioned and uduak began to smiled.
We stood outside talking till when it was time
for break. Uduak kept on nagging and
complaining me the perfum scent anytime i
tried holding her hand.
I got provoked and shouted the kind of reply
that would confidentially cautioned her about
the truth..


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