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I was in my room minding my business ‘jejeli’ one cool sunday evening when I heard this sudden knock on my door. Not being in the mood to receive visitors, I ignored the knock. Again it came, and this time, very persistent so I got up angrily, swearing under my breath as I flung the door open.
“Who the hell…” 

My words almost choked me,I was cut short in mid sentence by the figure that stood before me. 

Beneath a blue jean and a black t-shirt with a dark blue tennis shoes to go with it was this tall, handsome dude. With his travellers bag hanging across his shoulder,he looked more like a sportsman.
“Hello, how may I help you?”I asked,adjusting my tone.

“Good evening, please are you Irene?” He asked.

“No, I am not. Is there any problem?” I responded, obviously denying my name (yelz… Why won’t I deny?! when I didn’t know who he was and what his mission was?! Please o… I can’t shout). 

School had been boiling at the time,cultist no let us hear word over their battle for who would rule the turf.

“Oh sh:it!I was asked to get the keys to the vacant room from her”.

“Ooooh, you are the new occupant right? I’m sorry, I am Irene. Please come in”.

He couldn’t conceal the look of surprise on his face, he asked me once again
“You are Irene?”. 

“Yes I am. Do you mind telling me your name?”. 
Stanley turned out to be a very nice neighbour, and he blended easily into the “family”. Honestly speaking, I wasnt attracted to him at first. Yes! I was he was cute, had an athletic body with the finest set of bandy legs I’ve ever seen and boy! Do I have a thing for bandy legs! More so, he sure does know how to make an appearance with his dress sense.
I saw him as my neighbour and treated him as such. More over, he wasn’t into women. He was very studious, and tried as much as possible to stay away from trouble. Life went on as usual until that fateful day I went to fetch water and met him there.
Stanley was never comfortable around women,I had always wondered why he didn’t have female friends not to talk of a lover,maybe he was gay.
“Guy how far?”I hailed him

“I dey o”
After fetching my water,Stanley offered to carry it for me,he took it straight to my room while I followed behind,I thanked him and we both went outside to sit with our neighbours.
I had an appointment my 3pm,so after chilling for a while with my ‘family’,I went in,took my bath and got dressed,I decided to complete my look with a pair of sunglasses,but as I reached for the shades,I saw a very tiny rope on it,I move closer,stretched forth my hand to remove the rope when it moved.
“Snake!”I shouted in shock

“Snake o,snake o”
Stanley was the first person to reach me

“Where is it?”He asked
I pointed to it ,shivering
“Where na?”

“See am der o”
He looked closely and saw it,he apologised to me before hand that they were going to smash the sunglasses as that was the only way they could kill the snake.
“Smash o,who wan wear the eyeglass again sef”
I refused to sleep in my room that day,I begged Stanley to let me sleep in his room,he objected mildly,nahim I provoke.
“What? What is it sef? Am I going to bite you or what?mtcheeew”
I was really angry if not for Efe who travelled,I wouldn’t have bothered requesting to sleep in Stanley’s room. What was even wrong with Stanley sef? Heaven knew I had nothing in mind,he could eat his room for all I cared.I quarrelled with him and stormed to my friends place to pass the night.
Efe came back two days later,I told him about the snake and Stanley’s reaction,he just started laughing
“Why you dey laff na?”

“See your face,the tin pain you o”

“E pain me na,d guy dey feel say I dey kowtow for am abi wetin?”I said with a loud hiss

“No be so na,anyway,the guy no want wahala”

“Mtcheew,na me want wahala”
Efe told me the reason stanley was very shy around women.There and then,I decided to find out if it was true.

To Be Continued…

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