Must Read: My Dark Angel ( Gay Story)… Part 2

A Story Written By Tauger…
though I had only met him but an hour ago I found myself warming to him in ways I had not thought possible, I moved towards him dropping my backpack on the floor ignoring everything around me except James.
I moved towards him and leaned in towards his face seeing the flush in his cheeks as I got closer, I gently kissed his cheek seeing the flush of heat.
I pulled his arms from his sides and placed them above his head pinning his wrists together with one of my hands, he smiled as I moved closer and moved my face towards his, I leaned in and touched my nose to his jaw bone and ran it along it towards his cheek bone, I felt the muscles contract as his smile grew wider, I ran my cheek against his and felt the heat as his face flushed I looked up and caught his gaze I leaned in using my right hand to secure his wrists above his head and my left to secure his face, my lips gently brushed his and I felt him respond eagerly his lips moulding themselves to mine ignoring the slightly colder temperature of my skin, he shivered under my touch as my left thumb caressed his cheekbone, my lungs unresponsive to the lack of oxygen gave me little knowledge of his need for air, he broke away turning his face away unable to back away since his back was against the wall, I ran my lips down his face pressing them against his throat a dangerous move since I was already resisting the urge to rip of his pants and Fork him up the wall, he shivered again and I pressed my body against his, my right hand released his wrists and he eagerly moved them down to the small of my back pulling me closer against him.
I moved my face up unable to resist him any more and pressed my lips against his once again, his hands grasped against my t shirt as his muscular arms tried to hold me against him, I breathed in his scent once again lost in the sweetness of his blood, my hand moved down his chest gently squeezing the muscles through his t-shirt, I reached the crotch of his pants and felt his Joystick already hard through the material and gently squeezed causing him to moan into my mouth, I was so lost with the feeling of his lips against mine that I did not hear the door open, I grew angry at being disturbed, James was mine and now when I had him alone some stupid little Bleeping human chose to disturb me.
I broke the kiss with James and he who slumped against the wall his eyes closed as he gasped trying to catch his breath, the boy was in a lower year he looked angry though and I could smell rather than see the disgust that mingled with his scent, he squared himself up to me, I laughed and smiled showing my teeth he moved forward and I felt my my fangs involuntarily descend elongating my canines, he gasped and moved backward into the other wall of the small bathroom, I moved forward grasping his mind with my own, I erased the last ten minutes from his memory and placed a command in his head to leave and act as though nothing had happened.
He left his eyes unfocused, I turned around to see James standing right behind me I leant in for another kiss and felt his tongue enter my mouth fear filled me as his tongue gently ran up one of my canines, he broke away and looked at my face seeing my fangs which I had forgotten to retract, I reached into his mind seeing his fear, I moved closer taking his face in my hands, he quivered at my touch I did not use my powers as I spoke to him “James please, this is what I am, I know you are scared but, you…you have no idea how long I have lived and you are the only one who had ever been able to make me feel like this”.
He shook again before he broke away from my touch I saw him run from the room but I could not move I was locked In place as I saw him leave, my heart which had been still for 228 years thudded quietly as he left the room, my eyes pricked as a single tear of blood rolled down my face, I had opened myself up and had been stabbed in the heart, I recovered with a rage in my heart the boy!!!!!
he had alerted James to what I was, he would suffer for his blunder, I would drain him of his blood slowly watching as the colour drained from his face as he slowly fell into death.
I moved slowly through the halls smelling the scent that had belonged to me but five minutes ago, he had left the school and I could smell the trail that his car had left the school grounds, I felt an urge to follow and did not notice as I easily moved fast enough even in the sunlight to reach James’ home before he did, I moved towards his house and found that he lived but a few blocks away from my own home, his house was old and I heard no heartbeats on the inside of the house and I moved towards the back of his home and located an old window which I opened easily.
I moved to the front door and listened as James’ car approached, he opened his car door and slammed it slowly, I heard the air hitch in his throat as he approached the door the jangle of keys as he unlocked the door, he opened the it and closed it behind him he rested his head against the wood and I again heard the air hitch in his throat, my eyes pricked and drop of blood trickled down my cheek, he turned and looked shocked when he saw me, I looked up at him and his lips twitched when he saw me.
I smiled before I spoke “James I know I scare you, but what you do not understand it that I am over 228 years old and in all of that time I have never felt anything like I did for you today, if you do not want me I can understand, if you do not want me I will leave and you will never see me again, no matter how much that will break my heart though it does not beat, but if you want me to stay know that I will love you and give you more than any human man could”.
He looked down and I closed my eyes and felt another drop of blood roll down my cheek, a soft pair of lips pressed against mine and I jerked a little before realizing that it had to be James, I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around his muscular frame, he broke the kiss and I stared into his eyes as he leant forward and with his tongue gently licked away a droplet of blood slightly smeared by our kiss but it was still enough, he gasped.
I knew what he was tasting, the sweetness of my blood, to humans the blood of vampires does not cause them to become like me but even the smallest drop will cause them to become extremely aroused and grant them increased strength and also meant that I would always be able to find him, now no-one will ever take this human away from me, he would be mine soon as would his blood.

To Be Continued…

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