Must Read: My Dark Angel ( Gay Story)… Part 4

A Story Written By Tauger…

looked up stunned and leant forward resting his head against my chest, I stroked his hair as I waited for him to calm, a few minutes later he stood up and I watched him move away from the bed enjoying the way his arse moved, as he walked out of the door, he stopped in the doorway and looked back at me before saying slowly obviously hesitant as to how I would respond “I’m going for a shower maybe…” he trailed off. 
Instead I took the question from the surface of his mind and smiled at his request. When I stood and nodded my agreement he looked shocked. From his wardrobe he gathered a towel and some white briefs. I moved to his side in the blink of an eye and he smiled shyly before walking out of the door into the hallway.
I followed him slowly. Leaning against the doorway I watched as he turned on the tap of the large shower noting how spacious the room was with its large bathtub as well as the shower. 
His heartbeat quickened as he turned and shyly smiled at me
I moved towards the shower and as I got closer he relaxed. As he watched I undid the button on my jeans before moving on to the zipper. 
His heartbeat quickened as I revealed the red boxers I was wearing underneath. He gulped when he saw the bulge in them and moved into the shower facing the shower head immersing himself In the stream of water, the sight of the water running down his firm back to his arse and down his legs made my Joystick twitch as I removed my boxers letting them fall to the floor.
Stepping into the shower I wrapped my arms around his waist resting my chin on his shoulder and pressing my lips to the hot skin of his throat, the sensitive skin on my lips alerted me to his change in heartbeat now irregular and quick, James turned around and faced me resting his arms on my shoulders, he looked at my body and gasped when he had scanned me, his eyes lingered over my Joystick and I pulled him closer bringing our cocks into contact with each other, I spoke seductively to him
“Do you like what you see?” he blinked at me before responding
“So beautiful” I chuckled and pulled his face up to mine pressing my lips to his, his heartbeat tripled and I felt his Joystick swell against mine as his fingers knotted in my hair holding me against his warm body.
He bared his throat to me obviously expecting me to bite, I let my fangs descend and moved them over my previous bite wound before gently kissing the spot and pulling away, he moaned in annoyance that I was not going to bite him, but what he did not know was that the enzymes that were on my fangs to cause pleasure I could release through almost any other part of my body, from my tongue to my fingers and many other places, I lightly ran my fingers over the pulse in his neck releasing enzymes through my finger tips which were quickly absorbed through the skin into his blood stream, he moaned as he realised what I was doing, I felt his Joystick harden against my leg and my own began to stir as he stroked my back the sensitive skin tingling due to his touch.
I felt him use his muscles to push me away, he ran his hand down my chest and down towards my Joystick, groaning as his fingers stroked my Joystick gently rubbing the sensitive head, I growled as he wrapped his hand around it squeezing it gently, he smiled obviously pleased by my response, slowly wanking me off. 
Thrusting against his hand I growled.
He moved onto his knees and I looked down at him, my eyes glowing with a feral light. The second his lips touched it I moaned loudly and he began to suck on the head, he continued to suck my Joystick, gradually moving further and further down it gradually taking all of its length down his throat.
He gently sucked on my Joystick driving me higher and higher until I could take it no longer shooting my load into his willing mouth. 
Has he stood up he smiled at me and pulling his face closer to mine I tasted my own sweetness on his lips. 
I pressed his body back under the stream of water until his back was against the wall of the shower. Crushing his body against the wall with my own, I forcefully pressed my lips against his prising them open and invading his mouth exploring it with my tongue.
He clutched my face to his accepting me eagerly, I ran my hands down his back to his arse clutching the hot flesh pulling his body upwards towards me, I moved my left hand to his thigh pulling it up over him pinning him against my body. 
My Joystick began to rise again pressing against the inside of his thigh, his lips broke away from mine as he nuzzled my neck gently nipping the skin with his teeth, I moved my fangs to his neck before biting the flesh feeling his hot blood flow into my mouth, he tensed at the sudden bite to his neck. His own teeth dug into my neck and my blood spilled into his mouth, he tensed again before he began to slowly sip, drawing the blood out through the bite wound moaning at the taste.
We continued to drink from each other replenishing each other as we drank, my blood was more potent than his and caused his body to heat up and his Joystick to harden against my chest, I broke away, his blood staining my teeth, pushing him away from my neck I heard the moan as he licked the blood from his teeth smiling as he looked up at me with seemingly innocent eyes.
That was before he tensed and used the strength that my blood gave him to push me out of the shower and onto the carpeted floor, he tried to land on me and I knew what he wanted but I would prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home rather than here where James’ parents could come home at any moment, he tried to dive on me but I moved too fast and he simply collided with the carpet, I could see the lust in his eyes, I leaned down and whispered in his ear.
“If you want more I think we should take this to a more private location such as my home” he immediately leapt up and wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his face against my chest.
Disentangling myself from him I moved quickly back into his room dressing myself without my underwear and returning with an outfit I thought would look good on James, something that would reveal the muscles that bulged out of his chest, I returned with barely a second having passed. James saw the bundle of clothes and eagerly grabbed them putting them on in a rush eager to leave with me.

To Be Continued…

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