Must Read: My Dark Angel ( Gay Story)… Part 5

A Story Written By Tauger…

quickly down the stairs and I put my arm around his waist as we walked through the streets to my home a few blocks away, we walked up the drive to my house and I opened the door quickly with my keys which I pulled from my pocket.
He eagerly walked through the door striding into the spacious front room, I took his hand and pushed him up against the nearest wall gently. 
I caressed his face with my hand gently placing my thumb over his lips that parted as I touched them, I kissed him gently, softly but this was not what he wanted, he moaned into my mouth and tugged me closer against to him.
I responded forcefully as I was sure he wanted and clutched at him tearing his shirt again, I chuckled slightly as I felt his chest, running my fingertips over his Tips and carefully releasing a small amount of pleasure enzymes into the skin, he moaned repeatedly as I ran my hands down his chest feeling his heart beat quicken once more, my Joystick began to stir behind my jeans as I was sure his was.
I picked him up and ran quickly to my room before dumping him onto my bed and diving on top of him pinning his hot body beneath me.
He squirmed under my grasp but I silenced his fears with my lips, I felt him relax immediately and I pulled him up onto the large pillows.
I moved my hands to the headboard smiling as I knew he had obviously not seen the chains that dangled behind the head board, I pulled them over the headboard and pushed his hands together before using my superior speed to quickly wrap his arms together with the cold metal chains, he tugged against them for a second before giving up with a sigh.
I ran my hand down his chest gently massaging the muscles that bulged out from him, he wriggled under my touch but relaxed as soon as I released a small amount pleasure enzymes through his skin. 
I ran my fingers down his chest gently stroking his six pack, I undid the button of his jeans and undid the zip pulling the thin layer of clothing down past his knees, his Joystick swelled within his boxers, I squeezed his Joystick through his boxers it twitched under my hand as it swelled to its full size tenting proudly 7” away from his body.
I slowly stroked him, from his face to his Tips which I played with for a while causing him to tug against the chains that bound him to the bed, I reached his boxers and played with the waistband for a while causing him to wriggle in anticipation, he spoke in a low growl “just get on with it already, give me what I want”. 
I obliged and pulled down his boxers slowly, his Joystick sprung up free from it’s cloth prison rising up to meet my hand, I ran one of my fingertips up from his balls to the sensitive head, I rubbed slowly over the piss slit causing him a pleasant amount of pain, he moaned loudly thrusting his hips upwards towards my hands.
My ears picked up the sound of feet on the front porch,and heard the sound of my front door opening and tensed immediately, James noticed my sudden freeze and opened his mouth to speak probably to ask what was going on.
I put my hand over his mouth and put my index finger over my lips, he relaxed quickly, I moved pulling his boxers up his legs and doing up his jeans with difficulty over his swollen Joystick, I undid the chains from around his arms and quickly handed him a t shirt which I fetched from the nearest drawer.
I tugged on his hand and led him slowly from the room me crouched defensively in front of my mate, I put my hand on his chest when we reached the upstairs hall, he halted, I heard movement downstairs and I kissed him quickly on the lips before jumping off the edge of the balcony down to the ground floor beneath a growl in my throat as I turned to see the intruder, I moved to the living room and looked around and there on the couch sat my….my maker.
I stiffened when I saw him, freezing on the spot as he turned to face his progeny a smile on his lips, I looked into his eyes and listened to him speak as he moved closer to me, “my progeny how good it is to see you, I can tell by the look on your face that you believed that I died in London during the blitz, but that my progeny was necessary at the time, but now I need your help in a matter” Marcus sniffed the air before looking at me and saying “what is that scent?” he looked at me before turning when he heard James’ voice from behind me “that would be me and who the Fork are you, we were busy before you came in, so who are you and what do you want?” he moved to my side, I moved in front of him defensively before looking forward at my maker, he looked at James then turned his eyes to me he spoke to me completely ignoring James “I see you have a meal how thoughtful” he took a step toward trying to side step me I snarled at my maker putting my arm in front of James blocking my makers path to him, I snarled at him threateningly “he is my mate and you will not touch him!, I do not care if you are my maker but James is mine!”.
He raised his hands in innocence I straightened out of my crouch before looking over at James smiling assuredly at him, he smiled back weakly, I turned to my maker who now was observing James with fascinated eyes, he winked at him before addressing him “to answer your question James, I am Louis’ maker, I am over 486 years old I was made in 1526 by a Spanish vampire in the newly founded city of Santa Marta.
I made Louis in 1784 after I found him dying in a gutter in Dublin, and the reason why I want him is that involving a broken law” he caught my eye and I knew exactly what he meant, someone had found out about us and had to be eliminated quickly before It was made public and our very way of life was challenged.
Marcus moved to the front door opening it quickly and ushering in a woman, she looked around 19 with dark brown hair and sea green eyes, her eyes quickly scanned over me and James before she retreated behind Marcus clinging onto his arm.
He looked at me before saying “now Louis we both have something in common, this is Maria, she is my mate and like your James she is also human”
she looked up and smiled at James before turning her eyes to me with a look of fear in them, Marcus spoke again “now my sweet why don’t you go with James over there and find something to eat I have some buisness to discuss with Lois”.
James shot me a glance as Maria moved towards him, he smiled at her before glancing anxiously back at me. 
He moved away from me following Maria but not before placing a quick peck on my lips that left me craving more God he knew how to turn me on.
I turned my attention to Marcus who was leading the way out out of the front door, the sun was beginning to set and I felt my full powers begin to manifest as the suns dampening effect lessened my maker spoke to me slowly as soon as the door was closed behind me.
“I see you too have found a mate, have you claimed him yet?” 
I shook my head, by claiming he meant having S£x with, I chuckled and said “I was going to soon but you interrupted me, I had him chained to the bed Unclad before you walked in” he laughed a short laugh before waving his hand dropping the subject.
“when i first smelt him there was something there, he smelled so desirable, the only example of sweetness in blood is that he is a supernatural, just a little food for thought about your mate.
But now that the sun has almost set I believe we should continue this conversation telepathically don’t you think?” I nodded dropping the guards around mind entering the mind of my maker and absorbing the thoughts closest to the surface.
I saw a young man relatively attractive with black hair and hazel eyes, I saw a vampire chained to a table the blood being drained slowly from his body keeping him weak enough that he was unable to break the chains that had him spread eagled on the table Unclad.
The human moved around the table examining the anatomy of the vampire, I broke apart from his mind eager to tear this human to shreds but torn between my need for James and the outrage of this human.
James’ Point of View*********

To Be Continued…

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