Must Read: My Dark Angel ( Gay Story)… Part 6

A Story Written By Tauger…
moved away from Louis following the woman called Maria into the kitchen away from my mate but not before giving him a quick peck on the lips seeing the look of lust that crossed his face as I moved away following Maria into the kitchen.
I heard the front door open and close, I knew that I would have to go home soon and explain why I missed the whole day of school, I hoped that Louis would help persuading my Mum, I knew just how persuasive my…boyfriend? No that wasn’t what Louis had called me he had called me his…mate, the very thought of that pale hunk of gorgeousness being mine made me want him in my arms right now.
I wondered if this Maria woman felt the same about her Mate? 
The dark haired one who had interrupted Louis just as I was about to be truly his.
The woman moved into the kitchen uncertainly as did I, the kitchen was large with a refrigerator in the corner that hummed quietly and a microwave on the counter, there was a cooker against the wall spotless obviously just a prop.
I moved towards the fridge and opened it before slamming it shut just as quickly, all I saw in the fridge were bags of blood stacked on top of each other.
I moved towards the cupboards and found a loaf of bread and some eggs probably for when he had humans here which I guess was not very often.
I began to whisk the eggs before dipping the bread in it and quickly frying it in hot oil, the woman Maria moved to my side watching me cook, I finished cooking the food and plated up the 2 slices of bread that I had cooked.
I ate quickly eager to be rid of these people and to be alone with my mate, the woman Maria began to speak with a Spanish accent and I guessed Marcus that was her mate’s name had picked her up when he was in Spain or South America or somewhere.
She spoke slowly in only slightly accented English “so I see you too have found yourself a vampire as a mate, it is wonderful is it not” “yes” I spoke quickly she nodded before asking another question “has he…claimed you yet?”
I shook my head guessing the meaning of her question “I almost was, but you interrupted us” 
I said she blushed muttering a quick apology, she spoke slowly again obviously nervous as to my answer “has..has he bitten you yet?” I nodded smiling, she spoke quickly obviously exited “he has? Marcus has not yet done that to me, what was it like? Did it hurt?” I shook my head answering “the initial bite hurts but after that it is just pure pleasure it was so amazing feeling my strength flowing from me and into him, especially when I bit him and drank from him, God it made me so horny” I spoke quickly excited.
She gawked at me, obviously she had not tasted her vampire yet, my face flushed and I looked down embarrassed, I did not hear the front door open and close, my face was pulled up against my consent, I tensed as I felt a set of lips press against mine but relaxed as soon as I saw that those lips belonged to Louis, he pulled me up onto my feet and I wrapped my arms around his neck completely ignoring Maria she was lost in the past all that mattered now was holding Louis here and kissing him.
He pushed his tongue past my lips and I pressed myself closer against his cold body enjoying the way it controlled my rising body heat, my heart began to beat faster and faster as I realised I had forgotten to breathe I didn’t care and hardly noticed as my vision began to darken until I fell away from Louis’ lips.
He caught me in his strong arms and pulled me up to his lips again gently breathing into my open mouth, whatever was in his breath it began to clear my head and my eyes shot open and I felt a sudden buzz of energy course through me.
Maria was nowhere to be seen but I could not give a Fork all I cared about was Louis who was easily within arms reach, both his blood and his breath in my system must have done something to my muscles since I moved too quickly towards him surprising him as I threw him onto the floor growling as I felt an uncontrollable urge to dive on top of him and take him inside of me or at least give him the pleasure I so greatly wanted to give to him.
I landed on him pressing my lips once more against his, this time it was me in control and I had this vampire all to myself, I broke away and kissed up the left side of his pale face before once again locking my lips against his, I felt his fangs descend against my tongue gently nipping the skin.
He flipped me over and I bared my throat for him, the angle at which my neck was at must not have been enough for him because he grabbed my jaw bone and pulled my head even further to the side and dug his fangs into my neck.
The sharp pain made me gasp involuntarily but that was before the enzymes on his fangs went to work in my body, after it had taken effect he could have hacked off a limb I wouldn’t have cared, he pulled away and leant forward to kiss me, I tasted my own blood in his mouth and enjoyed the salty sweetness of it.
He pulled away “I have to leave, but don’t worry not for long a few hours at most, i will go after you fall asleep” he said barely pulling his lips off of mine.
I grimaced at the thought of him leaving but I realised that he would not be gone long and i would not notice it, I might as well have what I wanted at the moment though even if he would not claim me we could both give each other pleasure.
I pushed forward and rubbed my groin against him, he smiled against my lips before kissing his way up my face.
His throat was directly above my mouth and I leant forward and pressed my lips against his throat moving to the side of his neck nuzzling the flesh, he knew what I meant to do and I saw the muscles in his neck relax against my mouth, I bit into the flesh enjoying not only the taste of his blood but also the slight chuckle that I heard from him, I sucked weakly on his neck drawing in his blood.
My lips moved off of his neck, I swallowed the blood that was inside my mouth pulling his face down to mine he smiled at me before pressing his lips onto mine, his tongue moved around the inside of my mouth, I sucked greedily on his tongue, my hands moved to his back my nails digging in to the smooth flesh beneath his t-shirt, I felt his cool blood on my finger tips, if he felt any pain he didn’t complain in fact he showed more passion as he crushed my body beneath his growling into my mouth.
I broke away from his mouth gasping for breath, being around Louis made all of my normal instincts vanish, he moved his lips down my face to my neck licking the skin over his previous bite wound.
I waited for him to bite me again but instead he moved his face down my neck to the collar of my t shirt, his hands moved to the top of my t shirt tearing the fabric straight down the middle exposing my chest, I chuckled that was 2 of t-shirts he had ripped today, I couldn’t care, all I care about was the feeling of his lips moving down my chest, he had reached my Tips and his soft skin felt wonderful against mine, pleasure shot up my body.
He began to move down my body reaching my six pack he gently kissed each of the muscles before moving his hand towards my crotch, he was completely in control of me, he squeezed my growing Joystick gently through my jeans, I moaned under his touch thrusting my hips upward into his hand seeking greater friction against it.
He undid the top button of my jeans quickly undoing the zip and yanking them down to my ankles, my Joystick tented upwards free the first of its prisons, he moved up my leg gently kissing the skin, he reached my left thigh and kissed the skin, pleasure shot up my body again, he moved to my right and I moaned in pleasure, his fingertips trailed up my leg starting at the soles of my feet, he gently stroked the skin his cold fingers sending shivers up my body.

To Be Continued…

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