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i got the inspiration at  our shop”

” ehn

” there was this time .one of this customers  at our shop approached me about how to do my sister parol…

” ehnn

” Ehnn   …he sha dey talk ” your sister is a diva..o fine.. Baby diva ” baby diva ni sister e yen  .. ..i want her to be my Baby Diva

” hmnn…..What a weird way of getting inspiration for A song !!!.

” So the line stuck in my head… And u know since when i bin don day talk sey i go drop song..Na that period i bin day serious about am..

Na so we shall talk ,i help am do the stuff and we settled.. Hin dey part of d people wey Even contribute for d first track.we go reach hin side today too. But na hin first talk dat ” Baby diva ” .

” so u do your sister parol 4 am ”

” yes sister sef dey enjoy am naw because the man dey help her 4 her  hairdressing salon..

‘ Lol ..shebi na marriage

” marriage for where ..person wey don get fiancee..! Abeg free that side….” So as i was saying..i got d line from there and developed d rest…

” Hmmn nice one .freestyle d one wey u wan do naw

” no oo.wait make we reach studio first,no rush naw.hehehe.i sabi say u don dey anticipate..

Soon he went to take his bath..

To Be Continued…

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