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As he took his bath.i tried to access the house better. Apparently.his Sister had clean and arranged the whole house before she left..She bin don mop floor sef..Dem never even tile d Floor .And i sure say dem no fit near say dem wan tile bathroom at all ??

Where this guy con dey see all dese Pictures he day take for different tiled bathrooms ??

Na today i go know.Tho i never Even settle down and i get things i gats do tomorrow.a little adventure today no mean anything jor..Afterall i fit rest for evening and midnight if i don come back ..

Soon he was Out of bedroom in his boxers ..

” No vex jare boo.Na my mama Cream i go use rub body ,make i check her room .

” Na him mama cream hin dey use.If to say him dey bleaching cream d mama dey use nko ??

” Ok naw “..

” He wore  a Faded polo shirt  and white jeans with a Gucci palm which nobody need tell me before i know say na Fake. .As dem write Gucci for front.Na Nike dem put for d side. Gucci nike palms ??

my guy still  con balance hin mama necklace for neck.

‘ Is that not a Ladies necklace ‘ I questioned
” Lol Boo u get wahala.Nobody go know naa.same thing…

He used the palm oil from d spag to clean his palm and hung d one hand brown bag on his neck.

” Lets Go
” Ok..i stood up and adjusted my shirt
” U don off the Nepa switch ” i asked.
” Guy u don smoke b4 u reach here ooo…U no hear when i tell u say Nepa don cut light..
” haa,i don forget abeg no vex ”  i said smiling..
” Na so hin go dey do gentle gentle, make we go jare..

To Be Continued…

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