A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

” We don reach Studio ??

” No that my Sister parol side naw…Package well oo ‘ he said to me adjusting my belt and cloth well.

” Am ok like this..What’s is wrong with my dressing ?? I said.very irritated.Him wey suppose check him dressing sef no check am…Mumu.

” dey house oo..The gateman said. “Sleeplishly” .E be like say sleep never comot for hin eye ..” But”…Shey u go enter.make u wait for am ??

” No oo , no oo ” We go wait for him for gate small ..ehn….

   ” Wahali Dede to me” Sai Buhari ”  The gateman. replied as he went back on his bench to visit the dreamland we cut short ..

” Make we call am naw ..I stated
” I no get credit ni ” He replied
” Borrow now ”
” The 100 naira i borrow since last week i never return am naw..and den no go allow person borrow if person no repay …

” Hmmn u go give me my money back..cos i dey save am wan call my male ni o
” No worry.i no go use am too much…he said as i gave him d phone.

We called him and he stated he was coming back home soon…

” So we waited again …

To Be Continued…

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