Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist… Part 14


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

What do u want to collect from this man”
” I need some money from him ..
” Ok for the studio session
” yes….
” Ok
” And again. Na d man dey help me run my record label package
” He owns one
” No he get friends wey own one.U sabi Gworldwyne entertainment .
” Kissdaniel..lab..
” ( cuts in) Yes…His friend owns it..
” Oh oh
” And once i record this my hit track.and givr them .dey will sign me straight
” Wow….
” He even have affliations with YBNL and HKN sef
” Eh ehn…nice.Which work is he now doing gan gan
” Oh boy.who cares ?? Make he sha give me money make i Fork out…

For like the next one hour.we were still waiting for him.
…without him.we could not go to the studio…Anyway lets wait a little bit more.I just want to see wetin dey dat studio sef …A little time no go distract me.Besides we don too waka far from house wey i go fit even talk say make i go back..

..Soon.the man waka reach House in his car..The Primera Car looked all too Familiar…I tried to recollect.

haa..My Eye no fit day deceive me.Abi i dey see double ni ?? This was d Same car Mgoat  was always posing with night and day ke.. My God.Car wey Mgoat go sit on top.snap inside with different captions. My ride caption…,,cross legge inside con put out cruising…!!

Ase no be him get am.

To Be Continued…

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