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” Pom pom …Pom pom

Gateman don sleep go.bend neck small dey drip saliva for mouth.

Pom pom pom ..Shior..Dat one don sleep go..

Na me and M goat con go open gate for the Man..

” Dont mind that my silly gate man pls” he said welcoming us in after seriously warning and abusing his dozing gateman finish.

” No probelm,he was obviously tired – Mgoat replied.

” Tired..?? thats how he does jare?? Am going to sack him soon ..

The house was quite splendid.. At least .it was painted and Tiled ,with nice furniture and upholstery.. The only thing na say d Cotton don tear tear and na two blades remain for d fan body.Na here Mgoat dey snap all hin living room and bathroom pictures dem was not even his own house.

” So Mgoat u came for that package abi ??
” Yes my boss …Oti sure ju Oga mi…number one …Mgoat said hailing and Shouting praises of the man.

..Haa..My bad ..What do u want me to offer you ooo ?? He asked.

” Baba nla..A fun mi normal..One shot.
” Iwo.Be ntie ri..Your friend looking like a Pastor here nko.??
” Ngbo friend ,Mgoat turned to me . What will u drink..
” A Cold malt or Viju will do Sir..

” Hahaa…The Two of them burst into laughter ….

” Viju … He Said.. tears still in his Eyes ..”We have Bobo , not Viju ….

To Be Continued…

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