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” Baba ote.oloobe ni ,ejo ..esa fun lo mi tutu ( Give him cold pure water )..

This your friend is funny o…is he a Comedian  ‘ He asked as he went into the other room.probably hin Kitchen to get his drinks.

” Guy u wan embarass me ..mgoat bin dey follow talk coldly
” Guy i don’t drink
” O boy.. lock up..Shey na small holy water go con affect u
” Different immune system
” immune system nko.Driving mechanine Zism.. I giggled at his pronounciation of Mechanism as Mechaninesm.Go school .dem no go gree…they waste about.

” Sorry for d delay
” No prob sir,

I watched as he served Mgoat his cold,Chilled drink.

” Sorry oh     ..Whats your name   ‘ he asked
” Boo i replied
” Ehn mr boo,The only chilled stuffs are alcoholic. Had i known before hand.i would have stock five alive for u..Manage this bottle water

” He handed me the Hot.Sun burned Bottle water.. He apparently just picked it up from somwehere. Though i was Very hungry and the best i needed was a Chilled drink.i would never succumb to taking d alcohol.

The Two talked about some little little things but as time dey go,i quickly give my guy chi Ko.and thank God say d Goat grab my message..

” So bro .We are going to the Studio today..And time

” ( cuts in) oh oh.the major thing why u arr here
” Yes sir…Mgoat said rubbing his palms
” Haa .Mgoat .there is a little probelm o
” What problem sir ??
” Haa calm down oo …D money is not ready yet.

To Be Continued…

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