A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

Oga u are go be that “”

choi.This same guy wey dey look us somehow wen we enter ooo na him day call us oga naw

” yes
‘ Hope everything go well with my Oga
” Yes
” Well done
” Thanks
” Oga oga   .dis your cloth fine oo

Thanks..pls open d gate
” You are very good people.. infact..u are…

Not untill i signalled akube to  Do something” , give am Wazobia before dis idiot gree open gate for us…

” what is happening there
” nothing oo oga ..nothing… he said happily as he energetically opened the gate for us..

” Be careful ooo….shouted
” Werey …Were u careful with my sister Kittycat ….??? He asked as we drove off to the other direction.

To Be Continued…

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