A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)… i no send that one.. i was Happy to finally meet one of the biggest Ballers in Town.. Or at leasr finally bust the Lies about his  so called affluence ..wealth and social status…Either ways.i go finally meet one of  the most  ‘ influential”  young artist in town ….Mgoat aka Mr I sing you dance .

I finally  arrived at the house in Lagos late in the night .weak and tired.. I knocked and was welcomed in warmly after introducing myself to the young Lady i met.

She greeted me with hugs and carried my bag in…Before God and man.  she was in her nightie, her cleavage was free for all and her figure  and curves was glaring.

She been ask me wetin i go chop and quickly brought me Rice and fish .As she dey serve the food she dey display some kind moves wey no too normal and the well done sir.Hope d journey was not stressful..Welldone well done wey she dey talk don dey too much.

i quickly devoured the Salty rice as per my hunger and questioned the whereabouts of Mgoat and him mama…

” They are at d Shop “””

I checked my time. na almost 11 30 pm……

shop by this time ??? I asked surprised.

yes ,the peppersoup joint now..

oh .oh..yes. is Mgoat dere too ??

To Be Continued…

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