A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

Haa .Boo u are about to witness d making of naija’s greatest track…” he said happily shining his dentals as he smacked my shoulders.

” i hope so ” ..This guy mumu oo.naija greatest track ?? With all this hippopotamus… famous lame Buttocks rhymes ??

” Dont   hope …am.about to record another skelewu.another Hit..another

” u better watch the road….i said cutting him short ..” abi no be u talk say u no wan talk while driving again ??

” Ok now ‘

This time he next the song, and the old school classic Yahooze entered .He instantly went into a frenzy..

The Volume was at its loudest….Everybody wey just dey pass dey look us say ,are this guys normal at all?? All dese Rubbish wey he dey do …na with another person car ooo.

To Be Continued…

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