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Almost like three occasions we for don hit person. Horn wey people go horn  we no hear. The music and gbedu sha dey blast dey go as he put leg for turtle .dey accelerate dey go
” G ..reduce volume naa.

Na human being dey talk oo,na dog dey talk oo.m goat no reply..

” Guy no be Studio be this  now “” i said as we arrived another location and mgoat moved the gear to park..

Guy how far ?? No be studio be this naw.guy man ??

” Boo.shey u wan make i dey regret say i bin bring you come here .?? Your questions don dey much ooo..sheybi we go gather go u go see wetin dey happen too ??

Shuu.You no dey do like person wey go school at times  .. ‘ He said insultingly …

Oluwa oo..What av i gotten myself into now..

Na like market.we bin dey so… Osewa international market…wetin we con do for here i no know ….. I was already tired of all the wahala and the stress.

I noticed mgoat no allow us pass d main route.we shall dey corner .dey corner.dey take bend.dey take corners..

” Mgoar ..where we dey go now ??

To Be Continued…

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