A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

He tried about seven different clothes before he finally settle on one at last  ..

” Mgoat choose this one naw
” this one
” Yes..This one go make sense ” chukwudi 44 said pointing to the particular cloth

..All the while, i was fuming insyd me…i no go talk  . Na me cause am

” Omo these one tough oooo.
” Ehn naa..naa all d clothes quality.
” Ok  ..naa this one i want…
” ehn oya wear sef don dey look am say na dis one go make brain naw.

Mgoat removed his faded polo and wore the versace top….He followed by removing his trousers and wore d crazy jeans ….

” Mad combo….

…Chukwudi den helped him with about Four chains on his neck and the Airmax Foot wear to complete the dress.

” See fine boy ….Mgoat i envy u ooo
” Lol …No dey whine me how far..

The only thing i could do was this time .hunger don reset my thinking faulty..

To Be Continued…

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